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Some days I have to just sit back in utter awe at some people. I mean literally with eyes wide and mouth open, you know the pose. People sometimes blow me away with what they say and what they do or don’t do.


Facebook is famous for it, only because it is currently the largest social media site out there. Don’t quote me on this but I believe they are approaching 1.2 or 1.3 billion users. Mind boggling number. So with those types of numbers I use Facebook for both business and pleasure. The pleasure side of things have a few “oh wow” moments, you get the odd crackpot on there and then of course there is the odd family member or friend who does something stupid. But mostly on the personal for pleasure side it is not too bad.



But then there are my business encounters on Facebook. Now again most of these are good but I network market so I need to meet a lot of new people all the time, and that is where it can get a little funny. As a marketer I look for like-minded individuals on-line! People that put “self-employed” or Network marketer” or something like that by their name on Facebook. And when they do someone like me assumes they are into a similar type income stream systems I am.  Some people are legit and get to know you and genuinely want to know about your business. They may even tell you about their business, which is great.  But what really gets to me is the sheer number of people who say “can’t you just give me money?” Cyber begging! Or the prostitution that happens by both men and women on-line. Like how the “f” does that even work? Like I live where I live and you live where you live and you are going solicit me? Like I am going to fly your ass over here to do me…really???


Do people even take a half minute and think before they act or say stuff? I think I am going to put a jar by my computer and every time some one asks me for cyber money, sexual solicitation or an “I love u” pops up by line three of our first conversation I am going to drop a “toonie” (a Canadian two dollar coin) in it. And I am sure that by the end of the year I will be able to take my lovely wife on a holiday somewhere tropical.


I am on here to honestly get to know like-minded people and build business connections. I am hoping we also connect on a personal and professional level. I am not at all interested in cyber beggars or cyber hoe’s of either persuasion. And I am most definitely not looking for a lover after less that twenty-five words exchanged.


If you are a real person and we make a real connection on a platonic personal level or we decide we need to be in business together that is awesome. By all means lets rock that. Sorry to rant a bit like this but it must have been one of those cracker days on Facebook.



I will win



Why Is This Better Than a Lottery Ticket?

People day in and day out buy lottery tickets. They buy just about every conceivable type and style of lottery tickets. People will pay lotto max or whatever provincial or state run lottery system out there. Then there are the federally run lotteries. On top of that there are the countless little quick picks, too numerous to name “scratch card” type that people buy on a whim. In 2012 Americans alone spent $65,500,000,000.00, yup you read that right sixty five and a half billion dollars on lottery tickets in 2012!(1) That number is up a whole 8 billion over the year before! Why?

I believe it is a sign of the times. People are struggling so they are hoping for a solution. They are putting their money on either a random or heavily speculated sequence of numbers. The odds are astronomical to say the least. A typical ticket holder’s odds of winning in a local state lottery are about 18 million to 1 not very promising if you ask me. And then with the Federal Super Lotto your odds jump to staggering 120 million to 1. Wow!! Mind blowing and yet people show up consistently week after week to buy a ticket, because heaven forbid they miss a week and that is the week their numbers come up!! It blows me away that people will put their hopes and faith into a system that is designed to extract their money.

I myself prefer to believe in opportunities and my ability to work them and make them successful. I perfer things that are tangible and is something I can have a chance of controlling. If not completely, at least to some degree. I over the years have tried several opportunities from typical MLM opportunities, to direct selling plans with over rides, to forced matrix systems. And I have had varying degrees of success with certain ones in every type of business model. And obviously I have totally flopped in other versions of the very same models. So needless to say not all that glitters is gold, but, in every case I hand a direct hand in my own successes and my failures.

The concept I get really excited about now is a hybrid between the typical forced matrix designed compensation plans and a standard mlm or multilevel marketing compensation plans. It is the best of both worlds. The speed of a simple small forced matrix and the sustainability of an MLM pay plan. Beautiful!! Now doesn’t that sound about as good as pay plan can get? Second to none I am sure. I think it will be a while before something can come out that will top that.

My business partner and I have teamed up, with our combined 25 years of experience in this industry, and have taken it even one more step better. We have developed our exclusive “TEAM BUILD” rotator, so, now even if you have tried every other deal out there and have no one left that will even answers the phone when call, or you are that person that has never made a dime on line, or even a complete introvert, YOU can be successful with our system. All you have to do is join our “TEAM BUILD” rotator via the “next in line” referral link when you ready to join! As soon as you are on “board” you then simply submit your referral link to the system once you have successfully enrolled. It is that easy! We believe that once you have success you will not be able to help yourself, you will tell people about the “TEAM BUILD” system you joined!! As you will be making money online again and again and again! So just like you would with a good movie or book or restaurant you will want to tell your friends and family. And your friends and family will want to join the “TEAM BUILD” rotator too. And in that way, you will be able to “give back” to the very system that helped you find success online!

Drop us a message at our Facebook page to find out more or to get started. As with any opportunity timing is everything, and this is no different, and the time is now! We have partnered up with a very stable 12 year old debt free company with awesome products and an incredible compensation plan that is second to none. Add to that our incredible “TEAM BUILD” rotator system and your success is virtually guaranteed!! Everything is in place but you! Drop us a message TODAY at the above mentioned Facebook page and let’s get YOU started down the internet highway to SUCCESS!


Decisions Decisions Decisions!!

There are so many business and financial opportunities out there these days, what is one to do! How does one decide what they should do? Do I invest my money at risk? Do I do my next start up? These are some serious questions you need to consider before you jump into anything.

Let’s look at investments first. No I am no broker or self-guided guru, like most people out there, so I rely on the experience and guidance of others. This method has its pro’s and con’s. With brokerage firms you are guided by their alleged experience and expertise. Hopefully they have a long running track record of successful gains for their clients. But past performance is no guarantee of future gains, and those returns have to be high enough to stay profitable after commissions and capital gains on the principle. But even with the best companies that can be difficult.

So investing can be good if you have the right firm or opportunity and enough money to put in that you can afford to risk loses or heaven forbid you lose the whole shot on a high risk high yield deal. Because of those reasons I tend to say out of investments.  This can seem good to people but when the negative happens it can be devastating to people. And loses can be devastating, trust me.

So with that being said, and tried, I tend to prefer something that I can have some control in. Business opportunities. With business opportunities they are very vast in scope and cost. I have done several over the years. I have done a few business startups from scratch. These were mostly I the construction industry and it is very hard to build up something big enough that you can sell or have be something that you take a back seat to and have a secure retirement from. With that realized I got into a bricks and mortar style of business, started that from scratch, built it up to something and sold it at a profit.

I took those profits and looked at a typical franchise set up. That was kind of fun, they have their benefits but they also have their down sides. The benefits are you are branded by the parent corporation and you can usually get better purchasing power via the association. The down side you not free to direct your business at your leisure you must follow the corporate structure. It is difficult to be flexible to local business environs and market situations as corporate has to consider all franchisees regardless of location and everything must be even across the board. The plus side is a structured success formula that should work for most people, the down side is the typical pricey upfront set up costs. I was able to afford that and it was fun and profitable and I still enjoy an income stream from it as I was in the position to finance the sale of it for the new purchaser. And a foot note on that is hopefully that does not come back to bite me, as nothing is for certain.

So now I look at stuff that does not require a heavy up front cost. I like stuff that can help more people get into a positive financial situation. I like that with these type of business opportunities you are not corralled by franchise marketing and operational/territorial regulations. You can be creative in your marketing and acquisition of customers and/or partners. The only rules are that you follow ethical business practices and do not mislead people you are talking to. These opportunities tend to follow the honesty is the best policy and the do unto others as you would have them do unto you principles which sit just fine with me. I can get behind an industry that is built with those guidelines.

If you are looking to build and ethical profitable business and are not scared of a little hard work I would be happy to work with you to achieve all that you can possible achieve. I offer a no pressure opportunity for you to fully consider the ins and outs of what I do. I am here to answer all of your questions and if you decide to join me I am here to help you in any way I can be as successful as you desire.

Have an amazing day!


Man oh man are we experiencing some winter here today! We had about eight inches of snow fall here in the last eight hours. It has made going treacherous to even think of going out. We have lived here for about eighteen years now and we have seen semi trucks parked one after another on the side of the highway. Rig after rig after rig. Crazy.

But I still got my workout in! Yup that’s right got it done today!! I can do that because I am a Beachbody work out program. It is a DVD program that I put on my television. I can work out anytime I am inspired or have the time once or twice a day if I so choose. That is one of the awesome things about doing a Beachbody fitness program. They have plenty of programs ranging from low to no impact all the way up to insanity; in fact that is the name of one of their programs. I am starting off with Thai Cheng as I have not worked out in year and need to get my range of motion going again. I am loving this program. I can see me doing it every day no matter what program I am doing next.

So yeah even though I could not really get out of my house today I got my workout done. I am also doing the “Shakeology” nutritional program. These shakes are loaded with everything you need to fuel your body for maximum energy and recovery after the workout. I have one for breakfast every day, just seems like a good way to start my day. They come in basically three flavours and you can change them up by adding what you like to them. If you want to know what in them just go to it has all the information there that you could ever what to know about “Shakeology”.


So you take the “Shakeology” and add to that a DVD exercise program that you do in the comfort of your own home, and BOOM you are on your way to better healthier fitter you. Now who wouldn’t want that? That my friend is how easy this program is. You want to increase your odds of success? Simple, invite some friends to do it with you, it is that tough! Statistically speaking you odds of being successful and maintaining that success two years out jumps from just 24% all the way 67% from doing it with two or three friends. Is that phenomenal or what? Two buddies and you on an exercise and nutrition program and your odds jump that much! Who does know two people? If you don’t think you can find two people to do it with you, no problem just join me and my wife, we would be delighted to help you reach your goals. Just go here to get started with us today.


Make the best decision of your life; you will be glad you did. I know I was glad I did. Look forward to working you.


We are putting Obesity on warning. We are going to kick your butt! One person at a time if need be.

I have some interesting facts released to me  today, makes sense last year has just closed and a brand new one is just beginning.  We, the coaches at Team BeachBody have helped over 2 million people get healthier in 2012. That is awesome!

I am stoked to be part of a business built on health and fitness. It just seems right to me to promote products and services that are great environmentally as well as clean consumptions wise. All our products, from what I have learnt, so far contain NO GMO’s, NO Artificial Flavours and NO Chemical Sweeteners! All our exercise programs mostly use your own body weight for resistance, so a minimal amount of equipment is used to build the bodies you see in our ads. That is also an environmental win as we are not contributing to the energy needed to build such equipment.

I have been involved for just one month as a coach and while I was playing around with the products and services, learning the website and getting my program figured out, I am already directly and indirectly responsible for 15 people joining the Team BeachBody Fitness Challenge. If I can keep that up it staggers me to think how many people my team will be able to help before this fiscal year is over.

There is your warning Obesity; I am not a lone worrier either. We will “END THE TREND” one person at a time.  We are building a volunteer army of people just like you, just like me who want say “Enough!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!” “I am GOING to change where I am, who I am and what I am!” I will commit to myself and to you right here right now that I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. One step at a time if needed, as long as I know you have my back and are going to do every step with me! And I will! I will be there for you every step of the way to motivate you, to congratulate you, to reach down and offer you a hand up should you fall. Because that is how we win this war on Obesity. By helping each other overcome the obstacles that got us there, one hurtle at a time. We do this again and again until it becomes a habit for you.

A good new habit to replace the old bad habits that got you there in the first place. Once you develop the good habits you will be happier and healthier and you will start to make better choices. You will just naturally want to do go things for your body. You see the hardest part about walking is trying to take those first steps. You pull yourself up, you are shaky and scared but you do it, you let go of the couch and you took a step or two and fell. But you didn’t quit, you did it again and again and again until you walk from the couch to the chair before you fell almost controlled to the floor. You looked back at the point where you started with a big digestive cookie eating grin on your face because from that point on you knew you had a new habit! Upright bi-pedal walking, crawling was no longer an option for you. And a health transformation today is no different, you can do it, the simple fact you walk today instead of crawl is proof positive that YOU can do whatever it takes to overcome adversity.

So make the decision once and for all that you deserve the new you. Log onto the website and order up YOUR transformation kit. Drop me an email saying you did it you bought your product and I WILL work with you to help you build your new habits. Get it done. I look forward to working with you!

Holiday Season Wrapping Up


I don’t know about you but I really enjoy the holidays. I enjoy the family and friends. I enjoy the laughter and stories. Seeing people I may have not seen in a while. I enjoy the noise and the chaos. I even enjoy the hectic pace needed to pull it all off. I definitely over enjoy all the amazing treats and meals and goodies and drinks that are so abundant during the festive times.


But I am also looking forward to the big wind down in the New Year. The holidays are great to see coming and to enjoy when they are happening and they, for me, are equally great to see leave.


I know I have not done myself any favors this week and a half. I can feel it. I know that on January first I can call a stop to it all for another six month. Why six months you ask? Simple BBQ season kicks it June twentieth! Father’s Day! The most important day of the year! Well ok second only to Mother’s Day. I can usually spread myself out a bit better during BBQ season. It is like three months long here, longer if you don’t mind Q’ing in a jacket. I mean you can go year round if you don’t mind shovel the snow off the Q.


I have my new exercise regime mapped out, got my nutritional supplements in supply. Have my workout room ready even, Bowflex Blaze, a decent treadmill and a DVD player in the room. Gonna put all three of those bad boys through their paces every day! Also, I am going to be hitting some awesome cardio and endurance training with Thai Cheng and P90X workout programs. This year IS going to be the year I get myself back in shape. I am dedicated to making this happen like never before. I am sick and tired of being out of shape. In fact my body is completely the wrong shape. I have corrected it a bit already with my past activities, this new program is going to trump it all.


I will be logging my progress for my own selfish reasons, like smiling and gloating. Just kidding, I will be tracking my progress so I can see how I have improved and see what has worked better and what may need some tweaking. I will also share my results with you if on my site if you like.

Before 1

This is my before picture, kind of resemble an Alfred Hitchcock profile! Scared the crap out of me when I put that realization together! To be completely honest I was actually a little bigger than this picture shows before I took my before.  I lost a little bit of weight just by stopping my fast food addiction. Then I lost a little bit more using a nutritional product. My new program is a mix of nutrition and exercise. Now I know you might be thinking “good deduction Watson”. But believe it or not most people are overwhelmed on how do that when they have not been in that environment all along. These programs and products are designed for everybody at every level of fitness to get started and improve their health. I am obviously starting from a place of “HELP” and other may be in better shape, worse shape, or even excellent shape, and this program has products and services everyone will benefit from.


If you want to read more about my journey and what I am doing check out this link:

There is a more current picture of me there that shows some of my progress so far, with my earlier program. If I had success with my earlier program, why did I decide to change? Well the earlier program was just about nutritional supplements only. So when I stopped them or where away from them for a while, I started to put the weight back on immediately. The new program combines exercise and nutrition, so you are actually developing a lifestyle change. And when you make a lifestyle change it stays with you better. Further to that by combining proper nutrition and exercise, if you happen to be away from one side of it for a while the other is still there and vice versa.

So that is why I am so stoked about this program and why I know this one will be the one I will do for the rest of my life!



To shake or not to shake? That I think is rapidly becoming the question of the day. More and more nutritional companies are coming up with a shake meal product these days. So what is the one you should be taking? Should you be taking a shake? The answer to the latter question is most definitely yes!

The reason is quite simple, the foods that we typically eat today is very nutritionally depleted.  You can all kinds of testimony to that fact all over the net. So the human body cannot get enough good nutrition in a given day to operate at peak efficiency. The human body starts to run on a nutritionally deprived state. Further to that there are a lot of chemical residues on and in the foods we consume these days. The human body is not designed to deal with chemicals so it stores them. But that is another topic for another time.

So these shakes, the top shelf ones anyway are made from organic non GMO’d ingredients. There are also full of enough minerals and vitamins to set your body up for the day. These top quality products have fiber, proteins and pro-biotics and all kinds of good stuff like that in them.

So you can plainly see that taking something like these shakes on a daily basis would be a good thing for you. The only real question left is to decide on which product you prefer to take. I have been taking a shake a day for over a year now, and I can honestly I have never felt better in my life. I actually feel sluggish if I miss my daily shake.

These shakes are great for all kinds of uses. If you want to just feel better you can have a shake as a snack or as drink with a meal. If you want to lose weight you can replace a meal or two with a delicious nutritious shake. Even if your goal is to build muscle or maintain your fitness levels you can a shake or two to your daily nutritional regime.

There are many different brands out there that have a good quality product. So just try a few of them out to find one you like or take the recommendation from a friend or someone who uses a shake product. Just remember as with anything else out there in the world you get what you pay for.

I am personally using a product by Beachbody, called “Shakeology”. I went with Beachbody’s product because of their reputation to provide only top quality products. They also provide an extensive line-up of exercise product and programs to go along with their nutritional supplements.


Here is a link to a video about Beachbody:

Here is a link to my website if you want to learn more:

Feel free to drop me a message on my site if require any further assistance. All the best to you!


The Law of Attraction is not a divine catalog that allows you to shop anytime with no investment. When you take something from the Universe, you owe something in return. Gratitude is definitely something that needs to be expressed and acted upon.

That’s just one element of a greater whole. To truly accept the Law of Attraction into your life, you acknowledge that you create your own reality. No more whining about what this person did to you or how you were cheated in that job.

Those are negatives. When you focus on the broken relationship or getting laid off from your job, you’re directing your energy toward negatives, not positives. It’s simple math – add all of the negative numbers you want and you still get a negative number!

You won’t create abundance out of negative energy. In fact, you block positive energy and the fulfillment of your dreams. The partner who left you and the boss who let you go only hurt you one time.

Every time you re-play those scenes and focus on how much you are hurting, you’re pushing away the positive energy needed to turn your life around.

When you focus on asking for exactly what you want, believing that you can have it and showing gratitude for what you receive, then you discover the age old secret to having the life you want.

The Law of Attraction is more than bringing things into your life. You can apply the Ask, Believe, and Receive approach to turn around a cycle of dead end jobs, lack of education, poor relationship choices or low self-image.

The Law of Attraction is just as powerful when you ask to find a mentor who will help you understand how to position yourself to get a career instead of a job. Believe that this mentor is nearby and will soon make contact with you.

Remember to be open to whoever that mentor may be. You might be surprised if the mentor is someone you already know and never thought to ask for help. When the mentor offers to work with you, believe that you can succeed with direction and receive the success that your effort brings.


The most damaging voice you hear is often the one inside your head. Negative self-talk may come from what you heard as a child, as a student, as a worker or while in a relationship with someone.

Worse of all, the negatives are how you put yourself down. The Law of Attraction works with positives. Why would the Universe bother to give you more of something that’s harmful for you? You’re already allowing that and look what that’s done to you.

As with the peaches example, to harvest peaches you have to focus on finding the peach tree orchard. Then you have to position yourself to pick the peaches and handle them properly after picking them or they rot in the basket.

Positive Affirmations are a way to position yourself in a relationship with the Universe.

Positive affirmations are daily exercises that are so important to re-aligning your relationship to the positive energy of the Universe. These are statements of fact. You affirm their truth when you embrace that truth.

Take care to write your affirmations in the positive and present, but be careful. Look at this example:
“I will be a top recruiter one day.”

That sounds positive, but wait -can you spot the catch? “One day” could be tomorrow, next week, or twenty years from now. That’s almost a negative because it doesn’t state a goal that can be realized in a specific time.

“I will become a top recruiter within 90-days from taking J.R. Jackson’s Resume Recruiting course.”

Now that’s a positive affirmation that wraps in a timeline and the completion of a goal. By finishing my resume recruiting source, you’re taking steps toward your dream. Setting a timeline of 90-days after finishing the course gives you a transition period to the new career.

If your belief system is strong and you are living fully in the positive, you can set that timeline to 30 days after finishing the course and be ready to receive. Some people even go as far as to state, “I am a top recruiter,” making it effective immediately.

Other positive affirmations build up your self-esteem such as:

“I accept that I am worthy to receive abundance.”

This is a broad affirmation, which opens to any possibilities of abundance. You may find that the Universe brings to you an abundance of supportive friends, career opportunities, creative talent or inner peace.
By not placing limits on what abundance means, you are open to receive treasures that you never even thought to ask for before. As you state the truth that you are worthy to receive, then you also free yourself from negative self-image or hurtful memories that caused you to feel unworthy in the first place.

If you only received this as your gift, how rich would you be? Yet the Universe is likely to give even more because you are free to receive.


That’s the first question some people ask after hearing about the Law of Attraction.

“Well, it must be for highly intelligent people.”

“It’s only for people who are lucky.”

“This must take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to see some results.”

Not one of those statements has any truth. The Law of Attraction works the same for college graduates as it does for high school dropouts. Luck is connected with gambling and the Law of Attraction is about possibility not probability.

As for how much work it takes, the Law of Attraction is worked out inside your head, not with your hands or feet. In fact, once you grasp the power of human energy in the Universe, you’ll understand that if you’re sweating and struggling, then you’re doing it wrong.


As you repeat daily positive affirmations and change your negative thinking patterns into positive focus, you make some astounding discoveries. Suddenly you’re in the right place at the right time to meet someone or secure a promotion.

Even little things work out.

You’re standing in a long line to get concert tickets when a man hands you front row seats because he just got called to handle an emergency and can’t stay for the show. Don’t you dare say, “I’m so lucky!”
Instead say, “I just received abundance that is exactly what I wanted. I thank the Supreme Being (or Universe) for these tickets.” And then find a way to give back.

That’s only the beginning.

Instead of living in uncertainty and despair, you have a life full of possibilities. You attract what you want and need because you are focused, confident and secure in your beliefs.

The Law of Attraction becomes a way of life that brings -not just material well-being, but emotional well being, too.

The more you practice the Law of Attraction in every aspect of your life, you’ll find that getting a new car, job or home is wonderful, but it’s not even the most amazing aspect of this process.

The Law of Attraction would be just a cheap parlor trick if it were only about getting more stuff. The highest use of the Law of Attraction is in helping you become your best self and instilling in you the desire to help others help themselves.

You will notice that I have a lot of links above to help you easily do additional research on the Law of Attraction I encourage you to click on the link to learn more.

Make it a great day!

I would like to put out a huge thank you to my friend and business partner Mr.J.R. Jackson, for sharing these great words of insight with me. As I too am pleased to share them with you.


The idea of attraction is instantly appealing to most people. Attraction is about bringing something toward you, almost like a magnetic pull. The idea of a magnetic energy drawing something toward you is at the heart of the law of attraction.

Now imagine what you could bring into your life if you knew how to direct that magnetic pull. When The Secret hit bookshelves, it revived an age-old concept. It’s nothing new. The idea has floated around for centuries, seemingly forgotten except by a few, then is always revived over time.

Some say it came from Hinduism. There’s a definite link to James Allen ‘s 1902 book, As a Man Thinketh . Allen’s title came from a Bible verse that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” For Allen, the heart was merely an extension of desires, goals and dreams ¬which could be fulfilled by attracting anything that is wanted or needed.

Rhonda Byrne, author of the blockbuster 2006 movie The Secret , admits that her inspiration came after reading The Science of Getting Rich , written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910.

Once again, the simple attraction concept of Ask, Believe, and Receive is back in the limelight. What we call the Law Of Attraction had several names during the 20th Century such as New Thought, Science of the Mind, Positive Thinking, Metaphysics and Prosperity Thinking.

If you look at these names and the writings about them, you’ll see that this idea flowed throughout the years in one form or another -yet all hold claim to the idea that you can attract what you want or need if you practice the correct approach.

What is the right approach to attract your desires, goals and dreams? To begin, you have to understand that what you want or need is all around you. It’s like picking fruit -you won’t get peaches from an oak tree.
You have to recognize where peaches are and be properly positioned to reach those peaches on the tree. You also have to know exactly what kind of fruit you want. This is an overly simplistic way of showing how you must be in touch with your own desires before you can attract what you want.

The universe is a complex system that’s extremely orderly. The design of the universe is claimed in various religious beliefs, yet even the scientific community joins in the agreement that the universe is orderly.
To be orderly, there must be certain Universal Laws. Remember the “if … then”” rules in science class? If you pour this chemical into the beaker along with that substance, then you will have an explosion.

The Law of Attraction pays careful attention to the “if … then” order of the Universe.

The more scientific thinkers in this movement insist that the Law of Attraction is an element of Quantum Physics. After all, Quantum Physics is a study of the impact of energy on matter.

So if the Law of Attraction could teach you to focus your energy on what you want or need, then those things (made of matter) could be drawn to you. It’s like becoming a human tractor beam, locking onto something and bringing it to you.

Whether the Law of Attraction is part of Quantum Physics or not, the essence of how to make it work for you is summed up in the three words; Ask, Believe, and Receive.

I will continue with more on the “Law of Attraction” in tomorrow’s blog entry.  It you about the power of the ask, the believe, and the receive.

To be continued…

Where’s the beef?  Do you remember those commercials? Hopefully I am not dating myself here. Anyway, here is a link to the commercial, jog some memories I am sure.  Yeah so that is not what this is about. I am finding myself wondering more and more where the nutritional value. That, I think, is more and more becoming the question on peoples mind. Our mass production huge agri-business is not serving us well. I mean its serving a few large multi-nations nicely, but, us the consumer not so much.


We are experiencing way more disease than we did as a society 30 years ago. Our waste lines are getting ever bigger as our bodies are trying to find an adequate amount of nutrition needed in an ever depleting quality of produce. We are jacking up our meats with hormones and steroids to speed up growth times and portion size. But, at what expense, firstly to the animals and then ultimately to us, the human consumer of these Franken-foods.  It just seems stupid that we’ll dump steroids into our beef, pork and chicken and then ban an athlete for the same to himself.  I read an article not too long ago that said in order to get the same nutrition out of orange grown today as you could 30 years ago you would have to eat 8-10 of them.  I drive past a Booster Juice billboard that is promoting an orange drink they sell and the add says “because you don’t have the time to peel 10 oranges”. It’s not even so much we don’t have the time it’s who would or could sit down and eat 10 oranges. Virtually nobody. So that is where we find ourselves, looking for nutrition in all the wrong places. Now that last line reminds me of a song: High calorie nutritionally deprived processed or worse fast food.  You know, really it’s not our fault. We are victim’s, in a way, to big business. So what do we do about it?


We’ll I think the very first thing you have to do is to decide that you have had enough of this crap being forced down your throat, literally. Once that decision is made then you can start assessing what you’ve been doing and what you should be doing. Re-evaluate your diet, where does your typical meal come from? How is it made or grown? What kind of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals have been sprayed on this thing you are about to ingest into your body? And nowadays you also have to wonder about what kind of genetic modifications have been done to this thing. I call it a “thing” because once man has altered it; it is no longer a natural food item. So let’s start reading labels. Buying fresh locally grown produce daily.  I know it can be tough to do, but the more you do it the easier it is to do. I mean in the winter months my wife buys her romaine lettuce from a big box store, it baffles how long it can stay eatable in the fridge. Makes me wonder what is in it to have it last that long.


We grow a small garden and shop local organics when we can, even meats and eggs. We look for high quality non GMO’d foods in the grocery stores. We have made the decision to eat smarter for us and our children. We have a bread maker and make our own. We also consume a high quality brand of vitamins and minerals every day. Awhile back we started doing a high quality meal replacing shake as well.  In the New Year we are starting an exercise program.  We still go out for dinner from time to time, it is never fast food, and to be honest we actually prefer eating at home. At home at least we know what we are putting in our bodies.  These things we have done over the last few years, they have become habits now. We enjoy being healthier, our bodies feel better. We have been getting some exercise over the years but we are hitting it with P90X and Tai Cheng in January.  Shakes, vitamins, healthy food choices and now an exercise regime, you can look for us on the cover of health and fitness magazine shortly! Just kidding about the last part but I am pretty stoked about the choices we are making and the benefits we are reaping. Hopefully you’ll find your way to your health plan. If you like you can check out the links at the top of this blog and see what we are doing.

Here’s to your health!