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Why Is This Better Than a Lottery Ticket?

People day in and day out buy lottery tickets. They buy just about every conceivable type and style of lottery tickets. People will pay lotto max or whatever provincial or state run lottery system out there. Then there are the federally run lotteries. On top of that there are the countless little quick picks, too numerous to name “scratch card” type that people buy on a whim. In 2012 Americans alone spent $65,500,000,000.00, yup you read that right sixty five and a half billion dollars on lottery tickets in 2012!(1) That number is up a whole 8 billion over the year before! Why?

I believe it is a sign of the times. People are struggling so they are hoping for a solution. They are putting their money on either a random or heavily speculated sequence of numbers. The odds are astronomical to say the least. A typical ticket holder’s odds of winning in a local state lottery are about 18 million to 1 not very promising if you ask me. And then with the Federal Super Lotto your odds jump to staggering 120 million to 1. Wow!! Mind blowing and yet people show up consistently week after week to buy a ticket, because heaven forbid they miss a week and that is the week their numbers come up!! It blows me away that people will put their hopes and faith into a system that is designed to extract their money.

I myself prefer to believe in opportunities and my ability to work them and make them successful. I perfer things that are tangible and is something I can have a chance of controlling. If not completely, at least to some degree. I over the years have tried several opportunities from typical MLM opportunities, to direct selling plans with over rides, to forced matrix systems. And I have had varying degrees of success with certain ones in every type of business model. And obviously I have totally flopped in other versions of the very same models. So needless to say not all that glitters is gold, but, in every case I hand a direct hand in my own successes and my failures.

The concept I get really excited about now is a hybrid between the typical forced matrix designed compensation plans and a standard mlm or multilevel marketing compensation plans. It is the best of both worlds. The speed of a simple small forced matrix and the sustainability of an MLM pay plan. Beautiful!! Now doesn’t that sound about as good as pay plan can get? Second to none I am sure. I think it will be a while before something can come out that will top that.

My business partner and I have teamed up, with our combined 25 years of experience in this industry, and have taken it even one more step better. We have developed our exclusive “TEAM BUILD” rotator, so, now even if you have tried every other deal out there and have no one left that will even answers the phone when call, or you are that person that has never made a dime on line, or even a complete introvert, YOU can be successful with our system. All you have to do is join our “TEAM BUILD” rotator via the “next in line” referral link when you ready to join! As soon as you are on “board” you then simply submit your referral link to the system once you have successfully enrolled. It is that easy! We believe that once you have success you will not be able to help yourself, you will tell people about the “TEAM BUILD” system you joined!! As you will be making money online again and again and again! So just like you would with a good movie or book or restaurant you will want to tell your friends and family. And your friends and family will want to join the “TEAM BUILD” rotator too. And in that way, you will be able to “give back” to the very system that helped you find success online!

Drop us a message at our Facebook page to find out more or to get started. As with any opportunity timing is everything, and this is no different, and the time is now! We have partnered up with a very stable 12 year old debt free company with awesome products and an incredible compensation plan that is second to none. Add to that our incredible “TEAM BUILD” rotator system and your success is virtually guaranteed!! Everything is in place but you! Drop us a message TODAY at the above mentioned Facebook page and let’s get YOU started down the internet highway to SUCCESS!


What is the best way to secure your future?



Some may say savings is the best way to plan for your retirement. I think it is better for the bank than for you. The way the banking system works with its fractional leverage rules, the more money you lock away in the bank the more money they can loan out at interest. The interest they pay you on your savings in marginal at best if at all. If you have too much money to through around and have made all the other types of investments, I guess you could throw some into savings. But I would question your sanity. In my opinion savings is the worst thing you can do with your money. The main reason is that a dollar put away today may only have a buying power of thirty cents twenty or thirty years from now. Savings are good for short term only, like saving up for a trip or a major purchase, stuff like that.

 A year from now


If you have some money kicking around investments is a way better way to go. Buying an investment is a better way to start to leverage your money. Buy into mutual funds or GICs are a surer way to develop larger dividends on your surplus money. Or better yet is investing into real estate holdings, real estate holdings are good for long term investments as they produce income from tenants and typically property values rise about 2-3% a year so over twenty or thirty years you can have a nice little nest egg. The beauty of this program is that you can even leverage the equity to acquire more holding properties. If you were to do this as often as possible over twenty years you could have a nice portfolio to help with retirement.  Another popular investment is into a second business, typically a franchise so it can be as turn-key as possible for you as you’ll probably still have your regular job too.


So that is all good and even great if you already have some money to invest. But if you don’t! Then what? How do you get ahead? There is an industry that is just the perfect thing for people that do not the large sums of capital needed to get into the investments world. It is the industry known as direct marketing, referral marketing or network marketing. This is an awesome way for the average person to use time as the medium to leverage up till the money starts to flow in. You see the old adage time is money is truer than you think. If you have money you can save time and start to leverage it right away, however if you do not have money the only thing you can leverage is your time. You have to be willing to commit some time to get the marketing opportunity off the ground. Once you put in some time, some other people who have joined you will start to put time in too and now you have just leveraged time. Keep leveraging time till the money starts to flow in. Once that starts to happen you can now start to leverage time and money, and that is the start of freedom.


Referral marketing generally comes in two formats. One type is you talk to people and over time build a network of like minded people who are all working towards a common goal, these are generally referred to but not limited to MLM type companies. Highly lucrative and typically have a great longevity as you are building relationships with your people, and likewise so are they. The other type is more of a passive referral type business were you put out your offering and people you may or may not know will join up on the product or concept offering. They will stay to as long as they are making money and or using the products.


I personally do a mix of both types. And so far I have better success with the first type of business model. But with that being sad I am just getting started with the latter business type. In closing I would say whatever business you decide to try, or both like I have, just grab something and get started. You will be glad you did! I know I am. Already!!


All the best to you.


Yaaa!! It’s RRSP time again!!


I don’t know about your country but in Canada our government tells us how much we can tuck away without penalty every year. They call this “YOUR maximum RRSP contribution”. What is an RRSP you ask? It is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Our government has the audacity to limit the amount of tax sheltered money you can put into there. This concept kind of blows me away on several fronts really.


Firstly, why should the government care how much you can tuck away into an RRSP? It is tax sheltered when you put the money in there and you can earn tax free interest (oh boy, let look that hefty rate up), it is definitely NOT tax exempt when you pull it out.


Secondly, who really in today’s current hand to mouth existence, for most people, who can afford to even put money into one these registered accounts. I know most of the people I can ask will say “No, I would like too but…..” So how effective is this program if most people can’t even take advantage of it.


There has to be a better way. And I believe there is. It is building and a second or even a third passive income stream. Everyone can do this if they are willing to put some effort in. That right there is the number one hurtle for most people when it comes to building a new income stream. They like the idea, the potential rewards, and if they can picture it go gaga about the lifestyle afforded to those that do do it. But for most people that is where it all comes to screeching halt. Sure they will look at the opportunity, they may even sign up for the program, but if they don’t want the results more than they want to be watching evening TV, they will not succeed. Simple as that.


There are lots of opportunities in every industry type imaginable. So picking one that is right for you is no problem. Everything is available from passive-no recruiting to typical MLM to home party type businesses out there. So just analyze your desires, what you would like to promote and get started. I am personally involved in a couple of opportunities, some passive and some not so passive but they are in various different industries.  If you would like to know about my interests other than my main one I promote here just drop me a message.


Either way I sincerely hope you find one that works for you, and more importantly you have the desire to achieve it over the desire for evening TV viewing. I can honestly tell you it is well worth it!



I cannot believe this. I could not imagine this happening, can you?

Work your life, forty five maybe fifty years and then you retire to enjoy your so called “Golden Years” and it is ripped away from you because you are still carrying debt with you!! I was saddened and maddened when I read that. What has our society come to when that the average person cannot make money enough in his or her working years that they have to manage a debt load in retirement? Thinking about that blew me away. I couldn’t imagine trying to pay down debt on forty percent of what I couldn’t live on when I was working. It is no wonder so many elderly people look so down trodden.


The article was talking numbers like, of the people not retired yet but are over fifty-five about two thirds of are still in debt. Half of all retirees are still on the hook for about twenty-five thousand dollars and one sixth of all retirees are owing a staggering one hundred thousand dollars or more. These are current stats Canada numbers here. It has me concerned for the generation coming up to retirement. If our parents couldn’t pull off retirement debt free and have a little buffer to keep them going and we are doing what they did how are we going to fair any better?


I have actually been concerned about it for a while now. I will not be a sad statistic we I am retired so I have decided to be pro-active. I am employing some strategies which are starting to pay off already. I have read some books that have taught me to be my own boss. There are definite advantages to risk and reward. You are either working on your goals and dreams or you are working on someone else’. But rest assured some ones retirement is going to be better because of your actions, the only question is who’s? Business ownership is the best and surest way to secure your future. Not all businesses are created equal and some are definitely better than others. All businesses allow for tax write offs, and let me tell you it is a lot better to pay for things with pre-tax dollars than after-tax dollars. But that is just the beginning.


Some businesses are very time consuming, and please don’t confuse self employment as a true business. I spent several years doing that, they are good and can be more lucrative than a typical job. While I was reading a book called the “Cash flow Quadrant” I realized that real business had to be independent of my efforts alone. Meaning that for true wealth and freedom into your golden years your business must be leveraged on the efforts of others. So how do we all get freedom if we have to gain our freedom on the backs of others, wont some people have to be poor so others can be rich? Well there actually is a business model where everyone can succeed. Enter referral marketing, direct selling or network marketing whatever you feel comfortable calling it. This industry allows for leverage to take place over time making it possible for people to enjoy true residual passive income well into their retirement years and even beyond.


The start up cost is typically very small, so most everybody can afford to get involved. The products and services are usually of a very high quality so that people will use them and continue to use them for years and years to come. The model is very simple find a product or service you can believe in and start to use it yourself and over time find others who will benefit from the use of these phenomenal products. As they start to use the products and share with people how great the products are the network starts to grow. As it grow so does your passive override commissions and as the products get used and re-ordered by a growing team of users and consumers so grows your residual income. But not just your income because everybody who joins is the head of their business they too are growing a leveraged income just like you. That is the best system out there in my mind to help everybody gain financial freedom. Team work makes the dream work!


I remember when I was a kid; I think it was a shampoo company that explained it the best. They showed a girl using their product and she liked and told two friends, and the TV screen split into two images. And then they told two friends and the screen split again, now four images and they told two and the screen images double again. Now let that happen again and again and again till there are a thousand people or more all using the products you introduced to first few people. And now imagine your are receiving a small override passive residual income off of all those sales no matter how big it grows for the lifetime of the company. That my friend is true wealth creation that is lifestyle freedom that is retirement. The only question is when do you get started and how fast do you want to get to retirement?


I am doing it and it is working great. I am, this spring, selling my conventional business because my networking business has been consistently paying me more and it is growing. I am really excited about my future and where it is taking me, I highly recommend to everyone they seriously check this fast growing industry out.

To shake or not to shake? That I think is rapidly becoming the question of the day. More and more nutritional companies are coming up with a shake meal product these days. So what is the one you should be taking? Should you be taking a shake? The answer to the latter question is most definitely yes!

The reason is quite simple, the foods that we typically eat today is very nutritionally depleted.  You can all kinds of testimony to that fact all over the net. So the human body cannot get enough good nutrition in a given day to operate at peak efficiency. The human body starts to run on a nutritionally deprived state. Further to that there are a lot of chemical residues on and in the foods we consume these days. The human body is not designed to deal with chemicals so it stores them. But that is another topic for another time.

So these shakes, the top shelf ones anyway are made from organic non GMO’d ingredients. There are also full of enough minerals and vitamins to set your body up for the day. These top quality products have fiber, proteins and pro-biotics and all kinds of good stuff like that in them.

So you can plainly see that taking something like these shakes on a daily basis would be a good thing for you. The only real question left is to decide on which product you prefer to take. I have been taking a shake a day for over a year now, and I can honestly I have never felt better in my life. I actually feel sluggish if I miss my daily shake.

These shakes are great for all kinds of uses. If you want to just feel better you can have a shake as a snack or as drink with a meal. If you want to lose weight you can replace a meal or two with a delicious nutritious shake. Even if your goal is to build muscle or maintain your fitness levels you can a shake or two to your daily nutritional regime.

There are many different brands out there that have a good quality product. So just try a few of them out to find one you like or take the recommendation from a friend or someone who uses a shake product. Just remember as with anything else out there in the world you get what you pay for.

I am personally using a product by Beachbody, called “Shakeology”. I went with Beachbody’s product because of their reputation to provide only top quality products. They also provide an extensive line-up of exercise product and programs to go along with their nutritional supplements.


Here is a link to a video about Beachbody:

Here is a link to my website if you want to learn more:

Feel free to drop me a message on my site if require any further assistance. All the best to you!


The Law of Attraction is not a divine catalog that allows you to shop anytime with no investment. When you take something from the Universe, you owe something in return. Gratitude is definitely something that needs to be expressed and acted upon.

That’s just one element of a greater whole. To truly accept the Law of Attraction into your life, you acknowledge that you create your own reality. No more whining about what this person did to you or how you were cheated in that job.

Those are negatives. When you focus on the broken relationship or getting laid off from your job, you’re directing your energy toward negatives, not positives. It’s simple math – add all of the negative numbers you want and you still get a negative number!

You won’t create abundance out of negative energy. In fact, you block positive energy and the fulfillment of your dreams. The partner who left you and the boss who let you go only hurt you one time.

Every time you re-play those scenes and focus on how much you are hurting, you’re pushing away the positive energy needed to turn your life around.

When you focus on asking for exactly what you want, believing that you can have it and showing gratitude for what you receive, then you discover the age old secret to having the life you want.

The Law of Attraction is more than bringing things into your life. You can apply the Ask, Believe, and Receive approach to turn around a cycle of dead end jobs, lack of education, poor relationship choices or low self-image.

The Law of Attraction is just as powerful when you ask to find a mentor who will help you understand how to position yourself to get a career instead of a job. Believe that this mentor is nearby and will soon make contact with you.

Remember to be open to whoever that mentor may be. You might be surprised if the mentor is someone you already know and never thought to ask for help. When the mentor offers to work with you, believe that you can succeed with direction and receive the success that your effort brings.


The most damaging voice you hear is often the one inside your head. Negative self-talk may come from what you heard as a child, as a student, as a worker or while in a relationship with someone.

Worse of all, the negatives are how you put yourself down. The Law of Attraction works with positives. Why would the Universe bother to give you more of something that’s harmful for you? You’re already allowing that and look what that’s done to you.

As with the peaches example, to harvest peaches you have to focus on finding the peach tree orchard. Then you have to position yourself to pick the peaches and handle them properly after picking them or they rot in the basket.

Positive Affirmations are a way to position yourself in a relationship with the Universe.

Positive affirmations are daily exercises that are so important to re-aligning your relationship to the positive energy of the Universe. These are statements of fact. You affirm their truth when you embrace that truth.

Take care to write your affirmations in the positive and present, but be careful. Look at this example:
“I will be a top recruiter one day.”

That sounds positive, but wait -can you spot the catch? “One day” could be tomorrow, next week, or twenty years from now. That’s almost a negative because it doesn’t state a goal that can be realized in a specific time.

“I will become a top recruiter within 90-days from taking J.R. Jackson’s Resume Recruiting course.”

Now that’s a positive affirmation that wraps in a timeline and the completion of a goal. By finishing my resume recruiting source, you’re taking steps toward your dream. Setting a timeline of 90-days after finishing the course gives you a transition period to the new career.

If your belief system is strong and you are living fully in the positive, you can set that timeline to 30 days after finishing the course and be ready to receive. Some people even go as far as to state, “I am a top recruiter,” making it effective immediately.

Other positive affirmations build up your self-esteem such as:

“I accept that I am worthy to receive abundance.”

This is a broad affirmation, which opens to any possibilities of abundance. You may find that the Universe brings to you an abundance of supportive friends, career opportunities, creative talent or inner peace.
By not placing limits on what abundance means, you are open to receive treasures that you never even thought to ask for before. As you state the truth that you are worthy to receive, then you also free yourself from negative self-image or hurtful memories that caused you to feel unworthy in the first place.

If you only received this as your gift, how rich would you be? Yet the Universe is likely to give even more because you are free to receive.


That’s the first question some people ask after hearing about the Law of Attraction.

“Well, it must be for highly intelligent people.”

“It’s only for people who are lucky.”

“This must take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to see some results.”

Not one of those statements has any truth. The Law of Attraction works the same for college graduates as it does for high school dropouts. Luck is connected with gambling and the Law of Attraction is about possibility not probability.

As for how much work it takes, the Law of Attraction is worked out inside your head, not with your hands or feet. In fact, once you grasp the power of human energy in the Universe, you’ll understand that if you’re sweating and struggling, then you’re doing it wrong.


As you repeat daily positive affirmations and change your negative thinking patterns into positive focus, you make some astounding discoveries. Suddenly you’re in the right place at the right time to meet someone or secure a promotion.

Even little things work out.

You’re standing in a long line to get concert tickets when a man hands you front row seats because he just got called to handle an emergency and can’t stay for the show. Don’t you dare say, “I’m so lucky!”
Instead say, “I just received abundance that is exactly what I wanted. I thank the Supreme Being (or Universe) for these tickets.” And then find a way to give back.

That’s only the beginning.

Instead of living in uncertainty and despair, you have a life full of possibilities. You attract what you want and need because you are focused, confident and secure in your beliefs.

The Law of Attraction becomes a way of life that brings -not just material well-being, but emotional well being, too.

The more you practice the Law of Attraction in every aspect of your life, you’ll find that getting a new car, job or home is wonderful, but it’s not even the most amazing aspect of this process.

The Law of Attraction would be just a cheap parlor trick if it were only about getting more stuff. The highest use of the Law of Attraction is in helping you become your best self and instilling in you the desire to help others help themselves.

You will notice that I have a lot of links above to help you easily do additional research on the Law of Attraction I encourage you to click on the link to learn more.

Make it a great day!

I would like to put out a huge thank you to my friend and business partner Mr.J.R. Jackson, for sharing these great words of insight with me. As I too am pleased to share them with you.

Where’s the beef?  Do you remember those commercials? Hopefully I am not dating myself here. Anyway, here is a link to the commercial, jog some memories I am sure.  Yeah so that is not what this is about. I am finding myself wondering more and more where the nutritional value. That, I think, is more and more becoming the question on peoples mind. Our mass production huge agri-business is not serving us well. I mean its serving a few large multi-nations nicely, but, us the consumer not so much.


We are experiencing way more disease than we did as a society 30 years ago. Our waste lines are getting ever bigger as our bodies are trying to find an adequate amount of nutrition needed in an ever depleting quality of produce. We are jacking up our meats with hormones and steroids to speed up growth times and portion size. But, at what expense, firstly to the animals and then ultimately to us, the human consumer of these Franken-foods.  It just seems stupid that we’ll dump steroids into our beef, pork and chicken and then ban an athlete for the same to himself.  I read an article not too long ago that said in order to get the same nutrition out of orange grown today as you could 30 years ago you would have to eat 8-10 of them.  I drive past a Booster Juice billboard that is promoting an orange drink they sell and the add says “because you don’t have the time to peel 10 oranges”. It’s not even so much we don’t have the time it’s who would or could sit down and eat 10 oranges. Virtually nobody. So that is where we find ourselves, looking for nutrition in all the wrong places. Now that last line reminds me of a song: High calorie nutritionally deprived processed or worse fast food.  You know, really it’s not our fault. We are victim’s, in a way, to big business. So what do we do about it?


We’ll I think the very first thing you have to do is to decide that you have had enough of this crap being forced down your throat, literally. Once that decision is made then you can start assessing what you’ve been doing and what you should be doing. Re-evaluate your diet, where does your typical meal come from? How is it made or grown? What kind of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals have been sprayed on this thing you are about to ingest into your body? And nowadays you also have to wonder about what kind of genetic modifications have been done to this thing. I call it a “thing” because once man has altered it; it is no longer a natural food item. So let’s start reading labels. Buying fresh locally grown produce daily.  I know it can be tough to do, but the more you do it the easier it is to do. I mean in the winter months my wife buys her romaine lettuce from a big box store, it baffles how long it can stay eatable in the fridge. Makes me wonder what is in it to have it last that long.


We grow a small garden and shop local organics when we can, even meats and eggs. We look for high quality non GMO’d foods in the grocery stores. We have made the decision to eat smarter for us and our children. We have a bread maker and make our own. We also consume a high quality brand of vitamins and minerals every day. Awhile back we started doing a high quality meal replacing shake as well.  In the New Year we are starting an exercise program.  We still go out for dinner from time to time, it is never fast food, and to be honest we actually prefer eating at home. At home at least we know what we are putting in our bodies.  These things we have done over the last few years, they have become habits now. We enjoy being healthier, our bodies feel better. We have been getting some exercise over the years but we are hitting it with P90X and Tai Cheng in January.  Shakes, vitamins, healthy food choices and now an exercise regime, you can look for us on the cover of health and fitness magazine shortly! Just kidding about the last part but I am pretty stoked about the choices we are making and the benefits we are reaping. Hopefully you’ll find your way to your health plan. If you like you can check out the links at the top of this blog and see what we are doing.

Here’s to your health!






Why Direct Selling is Rocking it right now.


Direct selling as an industry is not new. It earliest roots, that I have found, are from a German based international company call Vorwerk, founded in 1883.  That’s right 1883, your read that correctly. So you can see the industry and concept is not relatively new at all. It has been around long enough to prove its viability. So the companies today are just like any other company in any other industry trying to improve on products, on delivery and on profits for both the direct seller/marketer as well as for them selves. Good sound business practices there.


So why the bad press a lot of the time? Well it is very plain an simple YOU. Yes you,. You are the variable in the equation. The products are the same for everybody, nobody gets a better version, they are all the exact same. The compensation is the same for everybody. Everybody gets the exact same commission scale the only difference between you and the person making more than you is time and technique. So if an opportunity does not pan out for you it is not because it is a scam or pyramid scheme that you did not get in on top of. It is solely your responsibility. Win or lose its up to you. But most people don’t like to admit that they failed, so they blame the tool. If you build a fence and it falls over is it the hammers fault?


Direct selling rocks because everybody has the exact same chance for success. Direct selling generally has a low start up cost. So most people can afford to get started in a direct selling business. The products are excellent and fairly priced. If they weren’t, with today social media and internet a bogus company would not last long at all.


Why should you do a direct selling opportunity? This is why! First and foremost are the obvious tax advantages. I mean lets face it, with the price of gas alone would your buy a gallon of gas with pre-taxed dollars or after- tax do0llars? And that is just the first of many, visit your government website and see what are the typical business expense write offs you can expect. The average network/direct selling marketer can typically tax shelter between $8- $16 thousands dollars a year just by actively being involved in a business. What would that alone do for you?


Now lets say you go out and just do a little bit of the marketing plan that most companies provide, and you start making an extra $500 – $1000 per month part time, how would that help you out? Would pay down some debt? Save up for that trip you always wanted to take? Put it away for the kids college someday? How do you make this money every month, month after month after month? That is the beauty of this type of marketing the product are typically high quality consumable products, so people keep buying and using them. That is called residual income. Some of the worlds largest corporations have residual customers. Think cable, telephone, internet, insurance, food….On top of that most direct selling/marketing companies have a multi-level or referral over-ride commission pay schedule so people that you share it with start doing it you get a bonus from their sales too. And that is called leverage and that is the way big banks make there money.


So this industry has the best products, the best marketing model(word of mouth), the best income retention, and the best income growth system. The only think that can mess it up is you by getting involved and never getting started. Or worse yet quitting the first time someone says no to your products or services. So if you cant take a no just be a user of the products and services. But if you can still take a no, just like when you were a little kid and you asked your mommy for a second cookie and she said “NOOO”, then by all means my friend find  a business that suites you and your style and go for it. You’ll be glad you did.


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Ahhhh, Family get togethers!! You got to love them! Well I guess actually you don’t, but I sure do. I love my family, they are my world. You know what I mean? My children mean more to me than breath in my own lungs! That is a powerful statement but that is the truth! I would do absolutely anything for my kids no question.  I am sure just about any real father and daddy, well heck parent of either persuasion would feel pretty much the same way. So for me the times we spend together are my favourite times.

Like take tonight for example, it was my youngest sons birthday. I don’t know about your place, but around here when its your birthday you get to decide what your favourite meal is and that is what we are having for dinner. So today my wife and I spent some time building homemade perogies, and we’re not even Ukrainian! But it was great! Yup I am a sap I love my wife and enjoy her company. Its was great to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with the little wifey chopping, slicing, dicing, frying, and sautéing to make the stuffing.  After making these lovely little perogies I decided to stack them up. Take my advice don’t do it!! All was well after a little coaxing and some mild cursing to get them apart again. They cooked up beautifully. We had a delicious dinner of homemade perogies, sausage and topped it off with homemade cake and presents. No the sausage and presents were not homemade, but the rest was!

In three days my wife and I are off to the Mexican Caribbean coast for two weeks! We rented two condos in the north end of the hotel zone of Cancun for a week. We are spending it with… you guest it! Family! My wife’s sister and brother are coming down to join us on the Sunday, we get there on Saturday, and then a cousin of my wife’s and her other half are going to be joining the group on Monday. This will be great! We have been to Mexico several times now but this is the first time staying like a local in condo, no resort, no wristband, just are pasty white skin and Canadian accents to give us away. We are looking forward to it. Then the second week is just my wife and I in an adult only spa seaside resort in the Mayan Riviera. Just the two of us enjoying the fun, the sun, the spas.

Then back home we go to winter and to work. But is that not why we work, so we can have the ability to enjoy our free time the way we like? I know it is for me. That is what drives me to do the things I do. I love to be able to provide for my family and take holidays with my wife and my children a couple of times a year. To have my things paid for. So I own them! My cars, my work truck and equipment, my house(almost). My credit cards are on a use and paid program I don’t like to carry a balance. I started out in life with nothing just a strong back and a good work ethic. Well I wasn’t out there to long when I broke that. Left me in a chair looking around wondering how I build from here. It was tough, wife, four young kids,  me sole bacon getter, and BOOM just like that in a chair! Wakes one up in a hurry. I had a small disability pension and my medical needs were covered. I had to find something to do. For the first time since we were married my wife had to get a job. That was hard for me to take. It was then that I was first introduced to network marketing and what really got me listening was the leveraged nature of this business. Think about it for a minute. You get it going and say over a year or so you build it up were your make just a grand or two extra a month on the side. And then something happened like you got laid off or cut back on at work. You wouldn’t be so destitute. And if life stays going good you can go on that vacation you always wanted. Or do something boring like pay down a credit card(clever just not very sexy). Or heaven forbid something horrible like what happened to me. If I had built a safety net before I got hurt my wife might not have had to go to work.

Now fast forward a few years I have, with the help of network marketing, not just the money side but the self development side, have bought and sold two conventional type business, both started from scratch(one is a franchise though). I have raised in relative comfort seven young adults, all with good work ethics and strong family values(I love you all so much). I have designed and built a house(almost paid for). We travel several times a year, as a couple and as a family. Are next big goal is a whole family trip, all our children, their significant others, grandchildren all on a dream family vacation to Africa. Do the safaris and the whole nine yards. We can see that day coming in the next ten months or so, when the weather makes sense for us to do it, we‘ll do it.  We are not rich by any stretch but we are doing pretty good by most peoples standards. I am not wanting to toot my own horn here, I just trying to say that yes network marketing works.  Its working for me, and it is working for people on my team, both above and below me in the system we are working.  All I really want to say here is take a good look at network marketing or direct selling or affiliate programs because if you will commit to working with the systems, and don’t quit before you win, you will win!  I am, we are, and so are they.

I am actually a little diversified in them now but I recommend you find just one to start with and work it till it pays, then maybe try a second one. But whatever one you choose an whatever business model you choose make sure you believe in it 100%. You can never sell something you don’t whole heartedly believe in and the people can always smell a rat!

So if you are not in an opportunity yet or if you feel ready to try and add a second one I’ll provide links to the ones I am doing and you can check them out if you like.

Hope this finds you well and have an amazing day!

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I want something better yet! I wanted INCOME STREAMS. I know people that have those things in place and they rock.  I don’t just mean the people rock the systems they have in place do too. An income stream is something you build and once it is built it continually flows money into your bank account. Ideally at an ever increasing rate. Its like owning a pipeline and every time something flows through it you get paid. And then to take that one step further, what if you had two or three pipelines, or even more! And then for financial safety, what if these pipeline all carried different commodities. That way if one commodity slowed the others would keep flowing or maybe increase. Wouldn’t that be the way to make money.  You see the trick is to build the pipeline the flow will take care of itself. I know people who have franchise pipelines, they, over several or even many years built up several franchises and have good managers in place and they  collect the flow off those pipelines. I know people who have done that in real estate, built up some pretty impressive rental portfolios and enjoy the flow from those pipelines. These pipelines are awesome but in most cases they took years to build. I want something that can be built much quicker than that.


I realize, short of winning a lottery there are no get rich quick deals out there. The only way to generate real money quickly is with “leverage”. All the really rich and FREE people in the world know this. You need to build pipelines, and in order to do it quickly you NEED to LEVERAGE it! So what is leverage? Where can you get it? How do you apply it?


Leverage is the ability to multiply something for a gain. Compound interest is an excellent example of leverage applied. I will let you do the math, but if you took $10,000.00 and put it in some kind of  mutual fund that guaranteed a 10% interest /return on your money, in 7 years it would double. But when you factor in inflation and the fact that your original money is not usable by you, this is not very attractive.  I mean its great if you have a surplus of cash you do not need access for the next ten or more years. The more you have to drop in there the better the results. There has to be something better! How about time? Is there a way to leverage time? The best way, the fastest way, and the most economical way to leverage your most valuable commodity, time, is Network Marketing. Period! Nowhere on this planet so far can the average person go forward with very little capital, invest some time and reap the benefits of leveraged income.


So how does it work, you ask? You get involved, your busy just like everybody else trying to make a living, but you have just one hour a day you can put into your new network marketing business. In that hour you get a person to join you, that person also has an hour. So now there are two hours of effort being performed, one from you and one from your new partner. You are still just doing one hour but so is your new business partner. You have just leveraged yourself. What if in the next hour available you and your business partner each gained a new partner. That would be fours going forward and you are still just doing one hour. And lets say it keeps doubling day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You will still be just doing your one hour but you have a team possibly thousands possibly tens of thousands of people all putting their hour of time. You would now be gaining earnings on thousands of hours of effort happening everyday. Now in order to be a business you must run a product or service through this network of people you have created. So can you imagine what your income could be if you ran a $25 monthly  item through their, what if it was a $100 item, what if it was even more than that. Can you see now how by getting involved in a network marketing opportunity can change your families live?  And with that kind of income possible you can now easily go out and build yourself a second, third, fourth income stream. That is what building a pipeline is all about!


Gain freedom through leverage. And then as a result of that being to totally secure your family for generations to come by building more and more pipelines in a diverse arena of products and services and holdings. That is how the truly free are well TRULY FREE!


Find the one that feels right for you and get started. And then once you get DON’T QUIT!


Here is a link to my latest pipeline  this one is currently in pre-launch!


Another one I really enjoy is  I am just getting going with this one.


My main pipeline is Incredible products amazing results!


Feel free to check out mine and any others you find appealing. Remember you must find one that fits you. If you have any questions about the industry or any of my opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me at