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Some days I have to just sit back in utter awe at some people. I mean literally with eyes wide and mouth open, you know the pose. People sometimes blow me away with what they say and what they do or don’t do.


Facebook is famous for it, only because it is currently the largest social media site out there. Don’t quote me on this but I believe they are approaching 1.2 or 1.3 billion users. Mind boggling number. So with those types of numbers I use Facebook for both business and pleasure. The pleasure side of things have a few “oh wow” moments, you get the odd crackpot on there and then of course there is the odd family member or friend who does something stupid. But mostly on the personal for pleasure side it is not too bad.



But then there are my business encounters on Facebook. Now again most of these are good but I network market so I need to meet a lot of new people all the time, and that is where it can get a little funny. As a marketer I look for like-minded individuals on-line! People that put “self-employed” or Network marketer” or something like that by their name on Facebook. And when they do someone like me assumes they are into a similar type income stream systems I am.  Some people are legit and get to know you and genuinely want to know about your business. They may even tell you about their business, which is great.  But what really gets to me is the sheer number of people who say “can’t you just give me money?” Cyber begging! Or the prostitution that happens by both men and women on-line. Like how the “f” does that even work? Like I live where I live and you live where you live and you are going solicit me? Like I am going to fly your ass over here to do me…really???


Do people even take a half minute and think before they act or say stuff? I think I am going to put a jar by my computer and every time some one asks me for cyber money, sexual solicitation or an “I love u” pops up by line three of our first conversation I am going to drop a “toonie” (a Canadian two dollar coin) in it. And I am sure that by the end of the year I will be able to take my lovely wife on a holiday somewhere tropical.


I am on here to honestly get to know like-minded people and build business connections. I am hoping we also connect on a personal and professional level. I am not at all interested in cyber beggars or cyber hoe’s of either persuasion. And I am most definitely not looking for a lover after less that twenty-five words exchanged.


If you are a real person and we make a real connection on a platonic personal level or we decide we need to be in business together that is awesome. By all means lets rock that. Sorry to rant a bit like this but it must have been one of those cracker days on Facebook.



I will win



Okay so everybody thinks wahoo the land of free medical!  Yes I live in Canada! The country of free universal healthcare. Well for some reason all of Canada is not created equal. Some groups of people have absolutely free medical, some groups don’t.


Lets look at the different provinces. Canada as a whole is supposed to provide its citizens free and equal access to quality medical services. Well some provinces like to charge its residence a “premium” for their access to the free universal service. British Columbia (where I live), Alberta and Ontario have felt they should charge people to access a nationally funded free service.  So in British Columbia to access the very same level of services the rest of country gets for free a family earning 30 000.00$ dollars per year must pay 1 662.00$ in medical premiums. Albertans pay…Hmmmm…seems that information is rather elusive on the internet. Why the secrecy Alberta? Oh well maybe one of my Alberta readers will chime in here with some rates. Quote a family of three or more please. According to the information I found on the rate in Ontario for a household taxable income of 30 000.00$ they would pay 300$ for the same care as we get in British Columbia for over 5 times the rate.


Shouldn’t a program that is paid for by taxes be the same all across Canada. I do not understand why we pay “premiums” in some provinces. I could understand if we received free dental or free prescriptions or shorter wait times for procedures than the provinces that don’t charge premiums. When I hear the word premium I get a vision in my head of better service. You know, like  a private concierge or a shorter passholders quay. But I have a hard paying extra for the exact same thing everyone else gets for free.


As a person who in not employed by a company with extended medical plans. I have no help on non medical programs like dental or message therapy. So I pay out-of-pocket one hundred percent of those needs. So when something comes up like say oh I don’t know a tooth extraction for a crown. I go out of country. In Canada an implant with crown can cost between 4200.00$ and 6000.00$… so I went to Mexico. Yup Mexico!! The service and workmanship are awesome and I got the all done for about 1300.00$. So if you factor in a last-minute deal to Cancun from Vancouver at about 1200.00$ twice, once for the implant and then 3 months later for the crown. That equals 3700.00$ all totalled. Can you believe that. I can get in two one week vacations and my dental work done to the same standards as they are in Canada for less money than the cheapest average cost of an implant/crown work here. So being that I have a condition where I needed several done you can quickly see my savings.


Yes one must shop around and find recommendations but there are excellent competent dentists down there at a fraction of the cost as the same qualified dentists up here. If you message me I would gladly give you the contact info the dentist used. I have heard of other places in the world offering medical tourism. Again there are good and bad practitioners everywhere, I mean look at the malpractice suits here. So be thorough in your investigation and go confidently and enjoy your tropical recovery locales.


To join me in my wealth generation click here.

I will win

Running Scared!!

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Running Scared!!

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea that all is not as it seems. I was told that great illusions were at play to hit the truth from me. From virtually everybody. In fact even the very people that enforce the illusion are themselves illusion. The only people that are aware of the illusion are the illusionists and the inner most echelons.

This illusion is very well entrenched in our everyday lives that we have long since accepted as the norm. In fact it is so deeply entrenched that when most people hear about scream “heretic” at the person who lifts the vial and exposes the secrets. Much like they did to those that said the world the world was round. So the heretic is shunned until enough people see the truth behind the illusion and then the role is reversed and then suddenly the heretic is the saint and the illusionist is the sinner.  As was the sailor who sailed off the edge of the earth only to return one day from the opposite direction.

So what is this illusion I speak of? You want to be enlightened? Do you really because once you are you can never go back? One can never unlearn what one now knows. Once a vista has been viewed it can never be seen anew again, ever. So before I reveal the illusion I well heed you fair warning. If you do not want to be awaken to a new reality then please stop reading right now. Because with the start of the very next paragraph it shall be too late. As with the new paragraph I will start to wave the smoke away so that you can start to see the tip of illusion. So proceed with caution because once you know what was not known you can never ever unknow what is now known.

So what is this illusion I speak of? Well to be honest there are many many illusions in this modern world full of knowledge even that is not always correct. Because great care has been taken to deceive you, and not just you but everybody. But I am going to make a bold statement here, you ready? You may not be the you YOU think that you are. Now before you think that I just a lunatic babbling one about crazy stuff take a minute and hear me out, remember we trying to expose an elaborate illusion that has been carefully designed to deceive the masses. And by chance but by design. I mean yes you are you, and your name is your name. But what if some very sinister people created some very sleight of hand treachery to dilute of some of your rights and in so doing has made it so you believe you have to perform in certain ways?  What if they took everyday words that you know the meanings to and inserted them into their rules but changed the definitions of those very words to entrap you into believing that you must comply?

They do this in many ways, one way is in ambiguously worded rules and acts and then make you believe they are laws and that they apply to you. Let us take something as simple as your name.  Your name is your name right and you would recognize it anywhere right? Well let’s see shall we? Most private people spell the names in a certain typically you spell “Your Name” as such with just the first letters capitalized and all other letters in lower case. This the norm and is how your name should be represented as a private person. Have you ever noticed how when something comes from a business or Government your name looks different as in “YOUR NAME” that is because it is different and has different denotations and has different demands made on it by it legal standing.  Another way your name is played with is like when you are pulled over ticketed say for speeding. Pay attention next time or look at your last one and you will see your name spelled differently again usually it is done like this “Your NAME”.

So here we are we are still just using your name but we have done it three different ways. The first way is the proper way to address a private person, so why does it get put into different formats? All CAPITALS letters are typically used to signify a CORPORATIONS. So what is the implications being implied when you receive something with Your Name spelled like YOUR NAME?

“Law is extremely precise. Every letter, capitalization, punctuation mark, etc., in a legal document is utilizedfor a specific reason and has legal (i.e. deadly force) consequences. If, for instance, one attempts to file articles of incorporation in the office of a Secretary of State of a State, if the exact title of the corporation -down to every jot and tittle – is not exactly the same each and every time the corporation is referenced in the documents to be filed, the Secretary of State will refuse to file the papers. This is because each time the nameof the corporation is referenced it must be set forth identically in order to express the same legal entity. Thetiniest difference in the name of the corporation identifies an entirely different legal person.”     

Sourced from:


What does it mean when it in both formats, proper first name and corporate last name styling? I have not found a quick online reference but I have read somewhere once that is to do “Admiralty” and a submission of rights allowing for “Summary Judgment” I will find it again and post and update when I do.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many many illusions out there. I will try to shed some light on more of them. I hope I have peaked your interest in learning more. So with that I am going to suggest a website This site has tons of information not exclusive to Canada. I am sure if you are a resident of Earth there are similar shenanigans going on in your country too and by reading the above mentioned site you want to search your own countries sites to find out exactly how you are being duped.


Suggestion where to start on the Detaxcanada is a link on their called “The Name Game” Lots of information on YouTube too.


Don’t forget to stop the TPP deal as it has claims in it to stop the trade of information on the internet. SENSORSHIP!!


HOLY COW!! Those are some pretty big cuts coming!


I don’t know if you have had a chance to keep up on the news. I was listening to news story yesterday on CBC Radio, Canada’s official news radio, which stated that America was going to make some massive cuts in government spending. I was blown away by the size of the cuts.

85 Billion dollars to be cut from government spending. They are cutting from the federal budget. These cuts are going to be across the board, so no service sector will be spared. They are anticipating 750,000 jobs will be cut. These are all good paying positions.

I remember people saying to me, get yourself a good secure government job, you will be set for life. I guess that reasoning is no good anymore. It goes to show how trying these times are.

Three quarter of a million jobs gone just like that, good paying jobs with benefits and retirement packages. The drop in supporting businesses revenue may result in further layoffs. Not to mention the loose of the disposable income that these jobs provided into the communities.

The real lesson here is that you cannot count on any type of job for security anymore. People will just have to wake up to the idea that you must provide your own security in life. Working for someone else, though easy to do, have zero security. When things get tough they will cut you from the bottom line to persevere. It is just common business practices and the government are just now learning the lesson.

So what is a person to do? Well the number one best solution is to start a business of your own. A home based business is the best type to start as the start up cost is typically smaller than conventional business start ups. Not to mention the overhead required before you can realize a profit is very small with home based businesses.

I have been in home based businesses now for several years and have added quite nicely to my annual income streams. Not to mention the tax savings that a business affords you. By building a home based business I have diversified my income streams. So if my conventional business slows down, which it does from time to time, I don’t sweat it as I have a  couple of other sources of income coming in.

These home based businesses have allowed to get virtually debt free, live just a little better on a day to day bases.  We seem to run out of month now before we run out of money. It has allowed us to afford several vacations a year. All these things were unthinkable a few years back before I got started in this awesome industry. My wife used to hate me joining up in these deals, but she is pretty happy about it now.

I just want to let you know there is a better way out there, a better way to earn money, a better way to structure your earnings and expenditures, a better way to just live your life.

I have two main home based businesses that I highly recommend, they are working well for me, and they will work well for you.

Firstly is my Beachbody business that you can find out more about at

And secondly is a my online advertising business to learn more about this on click here

Or you can contact me via email at

In closing I would like to say I hope the new round of cuts do not affect you or at least not too harshly if they do touch you. I hope you find some sound advice in my blog and take the bull by the horns and provide you and your family with the only true security and start your own business today.


What is the best way to secure your future?



Some may say savings is the best way to plan for your retirement. I think it is better for the bank than for you. The way the banking system works with its fractional leverage rules, the more money you lock away in the bank the more money they can loan out at interest. The interest they pay you on your savings in marginal at best if at all. If you have too much money to through around and have made all the other types of investments, I guess you could throw some into savings. But I would question your sanity. In my opinion savings is the worst thing you can do with your money. The main reason is that a dollar put away today may only have a buying power of thirty cents twenty or thirty years from now. Savings are good for short term only, like saving up for a trip or a major purchase, stuff like that.

 A year from now


If you have some money kicking around investments is a way better way to go. Buying an investment is a better way to start to leverage your money. Buy into mutual funds or GICs are a surer way to develop larger dividends on your surplus money. Or better yet is investing into real estate holdings, real estate holdings are good for long term investments as they produce income from tenants and typically property values rise about 2-3% a year so over twenty or thirty years you can have a nice little nest egg. The beauty of this program is that you can even leverage the equity to acquire more holding properties. If you were to do this as often as possible over twenty years you could have a nice portfolio to help with retirement.  Another popular investment is into a second business, typically a franchise so it can be as turn-key as possible for you as you’ll probably still have your regular job too.


So that is all good and even great if you already have some money to invest. But if you don’t! Then what? How do you get ahead? There is an industry that is just the perfect thing for people that do not the large sums of capital needed to get into the investments world. It is the industry known as direct marketing, referral marketing or network marketing. This is an awesome way for the average person to use time as the medium to leverage up till the money starts to flow in. You see the old adage time is money is truer than you think. If you have money you can save time and start to leverage it right away, however if you do not have money the only thing you can leverage is your time. You have to be willing to commit some time to get the marketing opportunity off the ground. Once you put in some time, some other people who have joined you will start to put time in too and now you have just leveraged time. Keep leveraging time till the money starts to flow in. Once that starts to happen you can now start to leverage time and money, and that is the start of freedom.


Referral marketing generally comes in two formats. One type is you talk to people and over time build a network of like minded people who are all working towards a common goal, these are generally referred to but not limited to MLM type companies. Highly lucrative and typically have a great longevity as you are building relationships with your people, and likewise so are they. The other type is more of a passive referral type business were you put out your offering and people you may or may not know will join up on the product or concept offering. They will stay to as long as they are making money and or using the products.


I personally do a mix of both types. And so far I have better success with the first type of business model. But with that being sad I am just getting started with the latter business type. In closing I would say whatever business you decide to try, or both like I have, just grab something and get started. You will be glad you did! I know I am. Already!!


All the best to you.


Yaaa!! It’s RRSP time again!!


I don’t know about your country but in Canada our government tells us how much we can tuck away without penalty every year. They call this “YOUR maximum RRSP contribution”. What is an RRSP you ask? It is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Our government has the audacity to limit the amount of tax sheltered money you can put into there. This concept kind of blows me away on several fronts really.


Firstly, why should the government care how much you can tuck away into an RRSP? It is tax sheltered when you put the money in there and you can earn tax free interest (oh boy, let look that hefty rate up), it is definitely NOT tax exempt when you pull it out.


Secondly, who really in today’s current hand to mouth existence, for most people, who can afford to even put money into one these registered accounts. I know most of the people I can ask will say “No, I would like too but…..” So how effective is this program if most people can’t even take advantage of it.


There has to be a better way. And I believe there is. It is building and a second or even a third passive income stream. Everyone can do this if they are willing to put some effort in. That right there is the number one hurtle for most people when it comes to building a new income stream. They like the idea, the potential rewards, and if they can picture it go gaga about the lifestyle afforded to those that do do it. But for most people that is where it all comes to screeching halt. Sure they will look at the opportunity, they may even sign up for the program, but if they don’t want the results more than they want to be watching evening TV, they will not succeed. Simple as that.


There are lots of opportunities in every industry type imaginable. So picking one that is right for you is no problem. Everything is available from passive-no recruiting to typical MLM to home party type businesses out there. So just analyze your desires, what you would like to promote and get started. I am personally involved in a couple of opportunities, some passive and some not so passive but they are in various different industries.  If you would like to know about my interests other than my main one I promote here just drop me a message.


Either way I sincerely hope you find one that works for you, and more importantly you have the desire to achieve it over the desire for evening TV viewing. I can honestly tell you it is well worth it!



Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, just like I was! I was, by my thinking, severely overweight.

Before 1This was me a few months back. I was 50lbs over weight. I was actually even bigger than this when I started my road to recovery. I was not feeling very good and some days it was downright scary. You ever get that feeling you just don’t feel right. I didn’t go a doctor but judging from what I have been reading I was an undiagnosed type ll diabetic.  I have already dropped about 35lbs. I will be completely honest with you, I have over the last couple of months put some a few pounds back on, I am blaming that on two holidays to all inclusive resorts and of course the recent holiday season.

Glen 4 (2)This me just after New Years, I wanted to get a new start picture for me as I am starting a new 90 day challenge. I going to drop off another 25 lbs of fat and put on about 10 lbs of solid lean muscle in the next 90 days.

To do this I will be using the awesome products provided by Beachbody. I am going to be using their “Shakeology” nutritional supplements to give my body the nutritional support it needs to function properly. For exercise I am going to use their P90X exercise program.

I know you can see from pictures that I have some kind of mobility issue. I am an incomplete paraplegic as a result of accident at work. So obviously I will not be able to do all the exercises in the program. But I will do as much as I can to the best of my ability.

Why am I telling you all this? Well quite simply the best way to be successful in an endeavor of any kind is to have people who are doing it with you that you can be accountable to. Statistically your odds of success shoot up over 67% of being successful with a program and maintaining that success for 2 years afterwards as opposed to just a 22% odds of success on your own..

So I am starting my journey to ultimate health now are you ready to join me?  I hope that you are! I am here for you every step of the way, if you make the commitment to me.

Click the link below to join now!

If you would like to try using the Shakeology Nutritional Supplement program to start replacing meals and take off some pounds that way first (I actually started that way) click on this link. It is a good way to get started if you don’t think exercise is right for you out of the gate.

If you feel your body is all bogged down by the garbage that has built up in it over the years. You may want to start with a whole body reset. I have heard lots of incredible reports on this program I personally have not done it yet. I may do it as my next program, as you are not recommended to work out while doing it. I am thinking that I will do it after this current 90 day program I am on as I will want to rid my body of any stored up toxins that may still be in it.

 I sincerely hope you make the decision this year to get yourself back on track. I know I am glad I did! I look forward to hearing from you.

Click on a product selection, make your commitment to yourself and to me and let’s get to know each other as we get healthy together.

All the best to you,


Today was day two of my health and fitness transformation. I did my day one Thai Cheng work out again as I decided that I would book my 90 day work out challenge schedule into my super gym scheduler. So because I couldn’t back date it to start yesterday I just redid my day one. No biggy I am in for life.

Yup I am a lifer. I have decided to do my Thai Cheng workout first thing in the morning. That way if my day gets busy and it can I do not feel like I am cramming two workouts back to back or worse not doing one of them.

My plan is to do Thai Cheng in the morning, like I said, and then do a minimum 30 minutes on my bowflex and finish out my day with a 10 minute walk. This is my starting point. Now I know a few are looking at that 10 minute walk and thinking woooo, why not just take a nap instead, you’ll burn just as many calories trying to get to sleep. Well ya see I am an incomplete paraplegic, so a ten minute walk on a treadmill at 1 mile per hour speed setting pretty much wears me out.

So not only am I looking to shed some pounds of excess fat, and build up some lean muscle, I also want to build up my endurance in the thigh muscles I have left. Being upright is also very good the body function as well as bone density.

So yea, Seven a.m. my Thai Cheng, before my dinner 30 minutes Bowflexin’ and then a nice walk after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, what did I consume today? Hmmm, let’s see for breakfast, the most important meal of the day, I fueled my body with a delicious three berry blend shake. I made it with a vanilla shake mix base that is loaded with all kinds of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other good for you stuff, to that I added frozen berries and some crushed ice and blended till it was smooth. For a mid morning snack I had a banana good for you and simple and yummy. Lunch was a ham and cheese bunwich, the bun was homemade whole wheat with onion and cheese baked in with a little mustard and mayo. Had a nutritious protein cookie for a snack at about four p.m.. Supper was a home cooked meal of ham, cream corn and dark whole rice. Had about six cups of water today, one coffee in the morning a large cranberry juice and a green tea this evening while I write this. Desert was a homemade cinnamon bun.

I think that was pretty decent calorie consumption for the day. The whole day would be under 2000 I am sure. So yeah all in all a good day for day two and just getting started.  Hope I managed to keep this entertaining enough for you. I think going forward I will try to include short prose on food, exercise, nutrition, etc…

That’s the plan for now. Don’t wish me luck. Watch me go, better yet come with me.

Today is the day I start my new transformation. I am really stoked. I am making the commitment. I will make this happen each and every day. It will become a habit and that habit with transform into a new lifestyle. New healthy lifestyles that will give me balance in my diet and exercise areas of my life.


I started today, with my new Beachbody workout programs. I am demanding of myself no excuses I WILL do my exercise program once every day without fail.  I will enjoy a delicious nutritional high quality supplement daily. I will eat smart. I will do this every day without fail because I want the end result. I want the new lifestyle that will be born out of my efforts. I want the healthier me that will be achieved solely by my consistency in my program.


I will reap the benefits that this will afford me.  Things like greater mobility, the ability to go further without feeling winded or tired out. Also better agility, being able to enjoy the capacity of broader range of movements without being restrained by pain or discomfort. Because of these better choices I will have been making, I can expect to enjoy the side benefits like a longer better quality life with less sickness and ailments.


So that is what I can expect to get out of what I am doing. What am I doing? I will be following the Beachbody lifestyle. I will start with their “Thai Cheng” exercise program to help get my body back in motion. This program is about proper body alignment and returning to full range of motion, getting your agility and dexterity back.   Upon completing that program I will be starting P90X. For additional exercise I will be working out on my Bowflex Blaze as well as walking on my treadmill.


For my nutritional requirements I will be starting off with “Shakeology” line of nutritional supplements. I am also going to follow the meal plan for twenty four hundred calories low carbs diet plan. The diet plan looks really good and seems like it will be quite delicious. The menu they are providing is considerable in variety and if I come across an item I do not like they offer an alternative dish. The whole system is online; I will have access to dieticians and nutritionists as well as the fitness trainers should I have questions or concerns in that area.


My accountability will be to you via my blogging. Beachbody also has a built in cyber gym where I will also be logging my workouts. So the system is really quite complete and should make it virtually impossible to fail. The only way to fail is for me not commit to myself and to you to do this every day.


I am stoked that I started my program today. Today is the first day of the rest of my new and improved life. I look forward to sharing my progress and my journey with you. I hope that my success may be the catalyst that inspires you to get started on your transformation. I would love to have a couple people join me in my transformation journey. It is statistically proven that when three or more people enter a health and fitness challenge their long term success jumps from twenty four percent to sixty seven percent of being active in their program two years out.


Till next time….






Holiday Season Wrapping Up


I don’t know about you but I really enjoy the holidays. I enjoy the family and friends. I enjoy the laughter and stories. Seeing people I may have not seen in a while. I enjoy the noise and the chaos. I even enjoy the hectic pace needed to pull it all off. I definitely over enjoy all the amazing treats and meals and goodies and drinks that are so abundant during the festive times.


But I am also looking forward to the big wind down in the New Year. The holidays are great to see coming and to enjoy when they are happening and they, for me, are equally great to see leave.


I know I have not done myself any favors this week and a half. I can feel it. I know that on January first I can call a stop to it all for another six month. Why six months you ask? Simple BBQ season kicks it June twentieth! Father’s Day! The most important day of the year! Well ok second only to Mother’s Day. I can usually spread myself out a bit better during BBQ season. It is like three months long here, longer if you don’t mind Q’ing in a jacket. I mean you can go year round if you don’t mind shovel the snow off the Q.


I have my new exercise regime mapped out, got my nutritional supplements in supply. Have my workout room ready even, Bowflex Blaze, a decent treadmill and a DVD player in the room. Gonna put all three of those bad boys through their paces every day! Also, I am going to be hitting some awesome cardio and endurance training with Thai Cheng and P90X workout programs. This year IS going to be the year I get myself back in shape. I am dedicated to making this happen like never before. I am sick and tired of being out of shape. In fact my body is completely the wrong shape. I have corrected it a bit already with my past activities, this new program is going to trump it all.


I will be logging my progress for my own selfish reasons, like smiling and gloating. Just kidding, I will be tracking my progress so I can see how I have improved and see what has worked better and what may need some tweaking. I will also share my results with you if on my site if you like.

Before 1

This is my before picture, kind of resemble an Alfred Hitchcock profile! Scared the crap out of me when I put that realization together! To be completely honest I was actually a little bigger than this picture shows before I took my before.  I lost a little bit of weight just by stopping my fast food addiction. Then I lost a little bit more using a nutritional product. My new program is a mix of nutrition and exercise. Now I know you might be thinking “good deduction Watson”. But believe it or not most people are overwhelmed on how do that when they have not been in that environment all along. These programs and products are designed for everybody at every level of fitness to get started and improve their health. I am obviously starting from a place of “HELP” and other may be in better shape, worse shape, or even excellent shape, and this program has products and services everyone will benefit from.


If you want to read more about my journey and what I am doing check out this link:

There is a more current picture of me there that shows some of my progress so far, with my earlier program. If I had success with my earlier program, why did I decide to change? Well the earlier program was just about nutritional supplements only. So when I stopped them or where away from them for a while, I started to put the weight back on immediately. The new program combines exercise and nutrition, so you are actually developing a lifestyle change. And when you make a lifestyle change it stays with you better. Further to that by combining proper nutrition and exercise, if you happen to be away from one side of it for a while the other is still there and vice versa.

So that is why I am so stoked about this program and why I know this one will be the one I will do for the rest of my life!