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Hey. WOW!! It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I guess the main reason why is life. I have been busy in my personal and business life, conventional business life.

I have also been learning and trying to figure out the elusive magic of “makincashonline”. It has been a trial and error process. I have made some money and lost some money. But regardless I have learned some valuable lessons. I have learned what the flash in guys do and how to avoid falling for that trap. I have learned that not everybody can be the first in. I have learned that cyclers stall out very quickly no matter how cleverly structured they are. I have learned that 2 x ? matices take forever and a day. I have even learned that “pay it forward” promotions even though they sound great just end up costing you more money to get started before you stop.

Sounds pretty bleak doesn’t it? But all is not lost there are lots and lots of great opportunities out there. Especially if you want to market a lotion or potion or what have you. But with most of those programs you need to typically be on an auto-ship and who wants that? Not me that’s for sure. So what am I excited about these days you may be asking? I do have something. Something I want to share with you. It is something I feel so good about and believe in so much that I took the time to build a website.

I wanted to find something I could do without the need to push products or services on my family and friends. I wanted something I could do and be successful on my own if that had to be the case. I wanted something that could provide both monetary and time leverage. Something that would work 24/7 with a minimal effort from me, I did not want to spend a ton of time doing a given task. I wanted something that would be around for the foreseeable future. I believe I have found not only one such program but two!!

I have been doing these two programs for a little while now and they have been preforming as per their respective claims and program parameters since I started with them. The website I built has general information as well as company approved videos and a start on proof pictures. I will be doing a post featuring my programs in the near future, so I wont be getting into them here now. I will however drop the linkMCO1 to the website so you can check them out there at your leisure. Please feel free to drop me a message and let me know what like best about the programs.

Until next time….take care

Okay so everybody thinks wahoo the land of free medical!  Yes I live in Canada! The country of free universal healthcare. Well for some reason all of Canada is not created equal. Some groups of people have absolutely free medical, some groups don’t.


Lets look at the different provinces. Canada as a whole is supposed to provide its citizens free and equal access to quality medical services. Well some provinces like to charge its residence a “premium” for their access to the free universal service. British Columbia (where I live), Alberta and Ontario have felt they should charge people to access a nationally funded free service.  So in British Columbia to access the very same level of services the rest of country gets for free a family earning 30 000.00$ dollars per year must pay 1 662.00$ in medical premiums. Albertans pay…Hmmmm…seems that information is rather elusive on the internet. Why the secrecy Alberta? Oh well maybe one of my Alberta readers will chime in here with some rates. Quote a family of three or more please. According to the information I found on the rate in Ontario for a household taxable income of 30 000.00$ they would pay 300$ for the same care as we get in British Columbia for over 5 times the rate.


Shouldn’t a program that is paid for by taxes be the same all across Canada. I do not understand why we pay “premiums” in some provinces. I could understand if we received free dental or free prescriptions or shorter wait times for procedures than the provinces that don’t charge premiums. When I hear the word premium I get a vision in my head of better service. You know, like  a private concierge or a shorter passholders quay. But I have a hard paying extra for the exact same thing everyone else gets for free.


As a person who in not employed by a company with extended medical plans. I have no help on non medical programs like dental or message therapy. So I pay out-of-pocket one hundred percent of those needs. So when something comes up like say oh I don’t know a tooth extraction for a crown. I go out of country. In Canada an implant with crown can cost between 4200.00$ and 6000.00$… so I went to Mexico. Yup Mexico!! The service and workmanship are awesome and I got the all done for about 1300.00$. So if you factor in a last-minute deal to Cancun from Vancouver at about 1200.00$ twice, once for the implant and then 3 months later for the crown. That equals 3700.00$ all totalled. Can you believe that. I can get in two one week vacations and my dental work done to the same standards as they are in Canada for less money than the cheapest average cost of an implant/crown work here. So being that I have a condition where I needed several done you can quickly see my savings.


Yes one must shop around and find recommendations but there are excellent competent dentists down there at a fraction of the cost as the same qualified dentists up here. If you message me I would gladly give you the contact info the dentist used. I have heard of other places in the world offering medical tourism. Again there are good and bad practitioners everywhere, I mean look at the malpractice suits here. So be thorough in your investigation and go confidently and enjoy your tropical recovery locales.


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I will win

Why Can’t You Get Anybody To Join You!!

That is an amazing question.  I believe it needs some serious consideration. I have been suffering with this problem too, and wanted to know the answers. Then it came to me, like a beacon of light.

Let’s just clarify this quickly first. I don’t mean that you can’t get anybody to join you in your business, we can all get some. But it is typically a slow and hard process for most networkers. Now you may be the exception and seem to sign people all day every day, but that is not the norm.
I knew it couldn’t be me, personally, I am a decent sort, you know honest, hard working, dedicated etc… like most of us are. I knew it couldn’t be my business opportunities because they have too many success stories for them to be flawed.  So it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t the business, so what could it be.
And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Success! That was the missing ingredient! People like to join people who have shown them success! I don’t mean “Look at ME!!” either. The people that have followed me have been the ones that have made money with me in the past and want to do it again. So then the question became “how do I get new people to join me?” And I struggled with that for awhile.
Until I found my solution to this problem. It was in the form a very low cost business that has a very quick return on investment/profit success business model. You see people could join this business for a measly $25 with Zero/admin fees or any other additional costs. And with the structure of this business having a 2×2 “follow you” matrix no matter were they join you in the matrix or how long it takes them to find their two people, as a business leader, you could put some people under them and they will make money. NOW YOU ARE A FREAKIN’ HERO!!

When you help people make money/experience success and then suggest a new business they could join you in as well, “your primary business”, now they will be more willing to follow you. Because you have proven yourself a legitimate successful business leader. So that was the missing ingredient to your ultimate success. Success itself! Even just on a small quick scale.
Now that you have taught the new person what success feels like they will want more. And they will do the same thing you taught them. They will get their new people to join the quick low cost/risk opportunity get some fast success, and then they well most likely get their new people to join them in their main business too which just so happens to be your primary one  also!!
I hope this helps you to build a massive business. Oh what’s that? You want to know the name of this low cost/risk quick success business? Okay! Here is the link for you:

Low Cost Success Opp!

Join it! Your success starts here!! Got questions? My number is on the link.


I want something better yet! I wanted INCOME STREAMS. I know people that have those things in place and they rock.  I don’t just mean the people rock the systems they have in place do too. An income stream is something you build and once it is built it continually flows money into your bank account. Ideally at an ever increasing rate. Its like owning a pipeline and every time something flows through it you get paid. And then to take that one step further, what if you had two or three pipelines, or even more! And then for financial safety, what if these pipeline all carried different commodities. That way if one commodity slowed the others would keep flowing or maybe increase. Wouldn’t that be the way to make money.  You see the trick is to build the pipeline the flow will take care of itself. I know people who have franchise pipelines, they, over several or even many years built up several franchises and have good managers in place and they  collect the flow off those pipelines. I know people who have done that in real estate, built up some pretty impressive rental portfolios and enjoy the flow from those pipelines. These pipelines are awesome but in most cases they took years to build. I want something that can be built much quicker than that.


I realize, short of winning a lottery there are no get rich quick deals out there. The only way to generate real money quickly is with “leverage”. All the really rich and FREE people in the world know this. You need to build pipelines, and in order to do it quickly you NEED to LEVERAGE it! So what is leverage? Where can you get it? How do you apply it?


Leverage is the ability to multiply something for a gain. Compound interest is an excellent example of leverage applied. I will let you do the math, but if you took $10,000.00 and put it in some kind of  mutual fund that guaranteed a 10% interest /return on your money, in 7 years it would double. But when you factor in inflation and the fact that your original money is not usable by you, this is not very attractive.  I mean its great if you have a surplus of cash you do not need access for the next ten or more years. The more you have to drop in there the better the results. There has to be something better! How about time? Is there a way to leverage time? The best way, the fastest way, and the most economical way to leverage your most valuable commodity, time, is Network Marketing. Period! Nowhere on this planet so far can the average person go forward with very little capital, invest some time and reap the benefits of leveraged income.


So how does it work, you ask? You get involved, your busy just like everybody else trying to make a living, but you have just one hour a day you can put into your new network marketing business. In that hour you get a person to join you, that person also has an hour. So now there are two hours of effort being performed, one from you and one from your new partner. You are still just doing one hour but so is your new business partner. You have just leveraged yourself. What if in the next hour available you and your business partner each gained a new partner. That would be fours going forward and you are still just doing one hour. And lets say it keeps doubling day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You will still be just doing your one hour but you have a team possibly thousands possibly tens of thousands of people all putting their hour of time. You would now be gaining earnings on thousands of hours of effort happening everyday. Now in order to be a business you must run a product or service through this network of people you have created. So can you imagine what your income could be if you ran a $25 monthly  item through their, what if it was a $100 item, what if it was even more than that. Can you see now how by getting involved in a network marketing opportunity can change your families live?  And with that kind of income possible you can now easily go out and build yourself a second, third, fourth income stream. That is what building a pipeline is all about!


Gain freedom through leverage. And then as a result of that being to totally secure your family for generations to come by building more and more pipelines in a diverse arena of products and services and holdings. That is how the truly free are well TRULY FREE!


Find the one that feels right for you and get started. And then once you get DON’T QUIT!


Here is a link to my latest pipeline  this one is currently in pre-launch!


Another one I really enjoy is  I am just getting going with this one.


My main pipeline is Incredible products amazing results!


Feel free to check out mine and any others you find appealing. Remember you must find one that fits you. If you have any questions about the industry or any of my opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me at




I am hearing more and more from people that their income is not going as far as it used to. That they are being taxed to even greater amounts than ever before. And there are no more hours in a day to work over time. And then if you do work over time the government gets more of it than do! This story I am hearing from younger and younger people. It is cause for great concern. Where is our standard of living going? Are we to trade every waking hour in the pursuit of  the all mighty dollar just so we can hand over an ever increasing portion to the tax-man? There has to be a better way. There just has to be! We cannot be expected to accept this life of endless toil. I have seen what was happening to me and my so called disposable income, and I can’t help wondering and worrying about how my young adult children are making itn never mind the ones still at home. I just knew there had be something more out there, something better. Well there was.


I thought business was the key, so I tried my own new home construction company for a lot of years, I kept telling myself again and again so that I was actually thinking that next year is the year it really turns around. What I found with construction was a feast and famine industry. So then I thought, ah ha, retail that is the game that makes the real money.  It did ok, worked it for about five years made some decent coin, then it plateaued. I had to either be happy where I was or invest large money into a second store in another city and work hard for maybe three years till that store started working nicely. But with the additional overhead and stress would the override I would receive be sufficient?  I didn’t think so. You see I did that in construction; got a second crew going, it didn’t justify itself there either so I didn’t think it would be any better in retail either. So I looked into a franchise. I mean franchises are the turnkey success business model right. I didn’t have a couple million dollars to spend so the big ticket franchises were out. So I picked what I thought was a good concept and would fit in my community and something I could start while still running my retail location. It worked out pretty good, I have way less overhead, virtually no stress and I am making some pretty decent coin. So I got out of retail. People might think lucky you, you have done it. But its not quite there yet, you see it is dependant on my efforts. If I want a holiday I have to find a driver I can trust with my truck and then I still worry about my business the whole time I am away.


So I started looking at the people I know who have the lifestyle I wanted. Money coming in on a consistent and  regular bases.  It was not solely dependant on their efforts. They could be free to do things, during the day even. Always seem to have a few dollars to spend travel a few times a year, drive more than one nice car, maybe have a couple of nice houses, one in the city one on the lake. A few of these people had large business’ that had lots of managers and staff so the work was always being done and enough of it that they could take there share and have freedom. Somewhat, as even though they had all this in place it was still all riding on one business so they were ultimately responsible for it, and therefore they had the pressure to make sure it was always working. And the other downside was it generally to them 25-40  years of hard work to get to that point. What if you made that choice and it just never got quite big enough, then what? So in that model not everybody wins. And even the winner has to make sure it endures. Not quite the model I wanted.


I want something better yet! I wanted income streams. I know people that have those and they rock. An income stream is something …..


To Be Continued…….;