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Running Scared!!

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Running Scared!!

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea that all is not as it seems. I was told that great illusions were at play to hit the truth from me. From virtually everybody. In fact even the very people that enforce the illusion are themselves illusion. The only people that are aware of the illusion are the illusionists and the inner most echelons.

This illusion is very well entrenched in our everyday lives that we have long since accepted as the norm. In fact it is so deeply entrenched that when most people hear about scream “heretic” at the person who lifts the vial and exposes the secrets. Much like they did to those that said the world the world was round. So the heretic is shunned until enough people see the truth behind the illusion and then the role is reversed and then suddenly the heretic is the saint and the illusionist is the sinner.  As was the sailor who sailed off the edge of the earth only to return one day from the opposite direction.

So what is this illusion I speak of? You want to be enlightened? Do you really because once you are you can never go back? One can never unlearn what one now knows. Once a vista has been viewed it can never be seen anew again, ever. So before I reveal the illusion I well heed you fair warning. If you do not want to be awaken to a new reality then please stop reading right now. Because with the start of the very next paragraph it shall be too late. As with the new paragraph I will start to wave the smoke away so that you can start to see the tip of illusion. So proceed with caution because once you know what was not known you can never ever unknow what is now known.

So what is this illusion I speak of? Well to be honest there are many many illusions in this modern world full of knowledge even that is not always correct. Because great care has been taken to deceive you, and not just you but everybody. But I am going to make a bold statement here, you ready? You may not be the you YOU think that you are. Now before you think that I just a lunatic babbling one about crazy stuff take a minute and hear me out, remember we trying to expose an elaborate illusion that has been carefully designed to deceive the masses. And by chance but by design. I mean yes you are you, and your name is your name. But what if some very sinister people created some very sleight of hand treachery to dilute of some of your rights and in so doing has made it so you believe you have to perform in certain ways?  What if they took everyday words that you know the meanings to and inserted them into their rules but changed the definitions of those very words to entrap you into believing that you must comply?

They do this in many ways, one way is in ambiguously worded rules and acts and then make you believe they are laws and that they apply to you. Let us take something as simple as your name.  Your name is your name right and you would recognize it anywhere right? Well let’s see shall we? Most private people spell the names in a certain typically you spell “Your Name” as such with just the first letters capitalized and all other letters in lower case. This the norm and is how your name should be represented as a private person. Have you ever noticed how when something comes from a business or Government your name looks different as in “YOUR NAME” that is because it is different and has different denotations and has different demands made on it by it legal standing.  Another way your name is played with is like when you are pulled over ticketed say for speeding. Pay attention next time or look at your last one and you will see your name spelled differently again usually it is done like this “Your NAME”.

So here we are we are still just using your name but we have done it three different ways. The first way is the proper way to address a private person, so why does it get put into different formats? All CAPITALS letters are typically used to signify a CORPORATIONS. So what is the implications being implied when you receive something with Your Name spelled like YOUR NAME?

“Law is extremely precise. Every letter, capitalization, punctuation mark, etc., in a legal document is utilizedfor a specific reason and has legal (i.e. deadly force) consequences. If, for instance, one attempts to file articles of incorporation in the office of a Secretary of State of a State, if the exact title of the corporation -down to every jot and tittle – is not exactly the same each and every time the corporation is referenced in the documents to be filed, the Secretary of State will refuse to file the papers. This is because each time the nameof the corporation is referenced it must be set forth identically in order to express the same legal entity. Thetiniest difference in the name of the corporation identifies an entirely different legal person.”     

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What does it mean when it in both formats, proper first name and corporate last name styling? I have not found a quick online reference but I have read somewhere once that is to do “Admiralty” and a submission of rights allowing for “Summary Judgment” I will find it again and post and update when I do.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many many illusions out there. I will try to shed some light on more of them. I hope I have peaked your interest in learning more. So with that I am going to suggest a website This site has tons of information not exclusive to Canada. I am sure if you are a resident of Earth there are similar shenanigans going on in your country too and by reading the above mentioned site you want to search your own countries sites to find out exactly how you are being duped.


Suggestion where to start on the Detaxcanada is a link on their called “The Name Game” Lots of information on YouTube too.


Don’t forget to stop the TPP deal as it has claims in it to stop the trade of information on the internet. SENSORSHIP!!