Money Isn’t Everything!!

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Have you ever heard that sentiment before?  Money isn’t everything! I have to agree, but with limitations to my agreement. Firstly you must consider the source of the statement. Who is saying it to you. Usually I hear it more often from people who have very little or no money. I believe it is their way to justify themselves for not having money. And in that context it is not an accurate comment. Because really how creditable can the statement be if the person stating it has never had money in their lifetime. If you just have enough money to barely get through each month how can you possible know if having money is good or not? However , if you have had lots of money and gave it away because you did not like it and you said that same statement to me I would have to give it more merit.


Some one else said to me one day that “yes money is not everything, but when money is needed nothing else will do“. And I give this person validation because a) they had money and plenty of it. And b) it is a true statement. In today’s word we are driven by money, period. Everything is driven by money. Want to eat? Money. Want to sleep indoors? Money. Want to wear clothes? Money. And that is just the basics. Get sick, really sick, what do you need to afford proper care? MONEY!! Want to go on a vacation? Money! So you see, even though money isn’t everything is sure as crap is important.


Now sure some of the most important things in life are free. Things like love. Being both loved and loving others is absolutely. True friendship. I mean lets face it you can have “good friends”,  you know the ones. The ones that hang around when times are good and disappear when times are bad. Ie. the money is gone. Respect. True respect is earned by showing your character not by flashing your wealth.  Honor can not be bought either and neither can ethics.

Ahh Freedom

Imagine Yourself here!

Huh? What about happiness? Money cant buy happiness you say? Hmmm. I beg to differ on that one. Sure you do not need money to be happy. Going for a walk can make you happy. Just sitting and visiting with a friend and loved one is good happiness. And both those things don’t cost any money at all. So yes money definitely does not buy happiness. But also most definitely money does buy happiness. How happy would you be paying for your house free and clear? I am betting you are going to be pretty happy.  How about talking your spouse and/or family on a dream vacation? Everyone would be pretty happy I am sure and I am also sure it requires money! Being able to help your loved ones out, would give you a warm fuzzy but you guessed it, that requires money.


So you see yes money is not everything. But there are definitely times in your life when money is everything. So I guess the trick is to get the money issue taken care off so you can enjoy the things in life that make you happy whether they are free or not. Remember money is neutral. It is neither good nor bad . It is who has it that decides that. Money in the hands of good people will do good things. Good people with money invest in good  technologies. Good people with money help out charities or people they love. So with that being said if you are a good person you owe it to the world and the people that are important to you to make lots of money! Come on good people of the world lets keep all the money we can from bad people.


I am doing my part to be a good person doing good. Come join me good people!!I will win







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