28 Years Ago Today

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Twenty eight years ago today, I did the bestest most smartest thing in my life, I married my best friend and lover. We were so young. I was just twenty and she was several month shy of her nineteenth birthday. But we were in love so in love. People may have thought we were crazy to “tie the knot” so young. I am sure most of them gave us a very short life span together. I am not saying it was easy, being that young and getting married, but we have persevered.



Our wedding was small, the ceremony was small, mostly immediate family and very close friends. My wife had her childhood pastor perform the wedding ceremony for us. He came out of retirement to do it for her. The church was small and the reception venue was her folks home. My wife was so beautiful, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, but at just twenty years of age I was scared too.


From those humble beginnings we went on to raise four biological children and three foster children and a few pets too. It has not been easy. My wife was a month shy of twenty-one when our first child, a son, was born. Two years later a daughter. Then a five year breather and then we had another son and a daughter just fifteen months apart. And about fives years after that boom we took three young children of an extended family member.  It has not always been easy. We have had plenty of trials and tribulations, but we have come through. We have had lots of good and great times too. We have been through times of trauma and uncertainty, times of money and time of borderline poverty.  We have even been through some times of trials that tested us. But we have always grown closer and stronger over the years.


us now

Now here I am twenty years later and every time I lay eyes on this woman I love her a little more than I did before.  I thank my lucky stars we have had the strength to stay together through all that we have weathered together. Now that our children have grown and doing great as productive young adults and it just my wife and I we still enjoy each others company. We look at each other with love and adoration each and every day. We make each smile and laugh daily. I live each day with my best and lover, its been incredible twenty-eight years and counting. How lucky am I?


I love you baby.

  1. Ange says:

    No luckier than me! There has been 1000 great moments for every 1 kinda crappy. We have something special and my greatest wish is that all of my children can find a life companion that makes them feel the way that you make me feel. Today is day 1 of the next 28 and I am sure it is going to be an amazing journey! My grandparents just celebrated their 73rd anniversary, lets beat their record!!

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