New Age of Banking?

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

New Age of Banking.

This morning I got up made a coffee and started looking over my emails as I always do. That is what I do so I don’t miss something I shouldn’t. And did I get, in my opinion, an awesome invite from a good friend and business associate to check this pre-launch info about a new private baking system that is being offered. I started looking into it and the more I liked the concept.

Here is the intro I received from my friend,



PHASE 1 – From now to June 9, 2013

Register for FREE and receive a FREE website to build your network.

PHASE 2 – From June 10 to June 14, 2013

Make a single payment of $20 (twenty dollars) to secure your position in the launch of this incredible Global Binary Network.

PHASE 3 Final – June 17, 2013

Opening of your account in the UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING, you will gain access to all of the advantages of our UNIVERSAL FORTUNE system.


Now none of that threw me off as I am a Marketer, network and otherwise. I have and do, been in several industries right now.  I make my living that way, quite a good living I might add.

So I liked the networking aspect of it, I liked the globalness of it and I really liked the word PRIVATE in the name of this bank.

As I looked further this is also what I learned,

The Universal Private Banking is an international financial institution specializing in investment and wealth management that is launching the first worldwide bank in network marketing.
When you register, you will have an opportunity to have a bank account with the exclusive UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING MASTERCARD delivered to your address and you can use it in more than 210 countries without restrictions, with the unique advantages of the Universal Fortune system.

Further to this there is a benefit to sharing this bank with others, in the form of a referral/affiliate or network marketing form of  a compensation plan.

There is a lot more information on the website  which I will provide  a link to. Check it out for yourself see if it something you want to get involved in.


Click on the banner above to find out more!!



Post edited: January 11th, 2014.

Hmmmmm, seems this deal didn’t happen. To bad actually, it was an awesome concept.  Oh well. Next alternate financial opportunity please. Hmmmm Bitcoins???


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