Childhood Obesity! Scarier Than We Thought.

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Childhood Obesity! Scarier Than We Thought.


It is really sad, appalling actually, that this is even happening. I cannot believe the title of my blog. It bereaves me to think that we, as the adult, have let this happen to the younger generation, our own children.


It has been written that this generation is the first generation in the history of mankind to have an expected shorter life span than it predecessors.  Can you believe this? We as the parents of this generation have allowed this to happen. Our actions, or better yet lack thereof, have made it possible for our children to die on average at a younger age than us. How do you like that one?


Childhood obesity is the culprit.  That is the nasty reason that this is predicted, by several medical studies, to actually happen. So who is responsible? Government? Big business? The gaming and television producers? Us? If you went with the last choice you are correct. You see, we are the parents still in this situation. We have bought the food and snacks our children have eaten. We have bought the entertainment systems they amuse themselves with for hours a day, every day! We have even lead by example.


How serious is the problem? The problem is really serious, major scientific research has proven the link between childhood obesity and major ailments typically consider to be adult obesity medical problems. This study states that researchers found in comparison to kids who are not overweight, obese children have been found to be at nearly twice the risk of having three or more reported medical, mental or developmental conditions. This  study also found that overall, obese children were more likely than those who were not overweight to have been reported to suffer from “poorer health, more disability, a greater tendency toward emotional and behavioral problems, higher rates of grade repetition, missed school days and other school problems, ADHD, conduct disorder, depression, learning disabilities, developmental delays, bone, joint and muscle problems, asthma, allergies, headaches, and ear infections.”


Isn’t that devastating? That we as the parents of this generation have allowed this to happen to our younger generation, the beauty is we can fix it. We need to change what our kids are consuming on a daily bases. We need to lead by example. We need to cut back on the number of sugary drinks we allow our children to consume in a day. We have to start providing a good source of nutrition for our children every day. We need to stay away from fast foods and processed convenience foods as much as possible. Do that stuff as a treat (yuck) not as a staple of their diets. Make sure that at least one full serving of fruits and vegetables are eaten every day. And we need to show them that a certain amount of daily physical activity is good for them. And in so doing we too will get into better shape. If we do these things we will be able to turn this around not only for them but for us too.


If you can’t find or afford good quality natural food find a high quality supplement that you and your children can consume daily. If you cut out the sugar drinks and the fast food meals you will easily be able to provide the quality products needed for good nutrition and health. Exercise is easy too, just get out and be active with your kids it does have to be an expensive sport just getting out and having fun is all that is needed.


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