Snowed In! No Problem!

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Man oh man are we experiencing some winter here today! We had about eight inches of snow fall here in the last eight hours. It has made going treacherous to even think of going out. We have lived here for about eighteen years now and we have seen semi trucks parked one after another on the side of the highway. Rig after rig after rig. Crazy.

But I still got my workout in! Yup that’s right got it done today!! I can do that because I am a Beachbody work out program. It is a DVD program that I put on my television. I can work out anytime I am inspired or have the time once or twice a day if I so choose. That is one of the awesome things about doing a Beachbody fitness program. They have plenty of programs ranging from low to no impact all the way up to insanity; in fact that is the name of one of their programs. I am starting off with Thai Cheng as I have not worked out in year and need to get my range of motion going again. I am loving this program. I can see me doing it every day no matter what program I am doing next.

So yeah even though I could not really get out of my house today I got my workout done. I am also doing the “Shakeology” nutritional program. These shakes are loaded with everything you need to fuel your body for maximum energy and recovery after the workout. I have one for breakfast every day, just seems like a good way to start my day. They come in basically three flavours and you can change them up by adding what you like to them. If you want to know what in them just go to it has all the information there that you could ever what to know about “Shakeology”.


So you take the “Shakeology” and add to that a DVD exercise program that you do in the comfort of your own home, and BOOM you are on your way to better healthier fitter you. Now who wouldn’t want that? That my friend is how easy this program is. You want to increase your odds of success? Simple, invite some friends to do it with you, it is that tough! Statistically speaking you odds of being successful and maintaining that success two years out jumps from just 24% all the way 67% from doing it with two or three friends. Is that phenomenal or what? Two buddies and you on an exercise and nutrition program and your odds jump that much! Who does know two people? If you don’t think you can find two people to do it with you, no problem just join me and my wife, we would be delighted to help you reach your goals. Just go here to get started with us today.


Make the best decision of your life; you will be glad you did. I know I was glad I did. Look forward to working you.


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