Today Was Day Two!

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today was day two of my health and fitness transformation. I did my day one Thai Cheng work out again as I decided that I would book my 90 day work out challenge schedule into my super gym scheduler. So because I couldn’t back date it to start yesterday I just redid my day one. No biggy I am in for life.

Yup I am a lifer. I have decided to do my Thai Cheng workout first thing in the morning. That way if my day gets busy and it can I do not feel like I am cramming two workouts back to back or worse not doing one of them.

My plan is to do Thai Cheng in the morning, like I said, and then do a minimum 30 minutes on my bowflex and finish out my day with a 10 minute walk. This is my starting point. Now I know a few are looking at that 10 minute walk and thinking woooo, why not just take a nap instead, you’ll burn just as many calories trying to get to sleep. Well ya see I am an incomplete paraplegic, so a ten minute walk on a treadmill at 1 mile per hour speed setting pretty much wears me out.

So not only am I looking to shed some pounds of excess fat, and build up some lean muscle, I also want to build up my endurance in the thigh muscles I have left. Being upright is also very good the body function as well as bone density.

So yea, Seven a.m. my Thai Cheng, before my dinner 30 minutes Bowflexin’ and then a nice walk after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, what did I consume today? Hmmm, let’s see for breakfast, the most important meal of the day, I fueled my body with a delicious three berry blend shake. I made it with a vanilla shake mix base that is loaded with all kinds of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other good for you stuff, to that I added frozen berries and some crushed ice and blended till it was smooth. For a mid morning snack I had a banana good for you and simple and yummy. Lunch was a ham and cheese bunwich, the bun was homemade whole wheat with onion and cheese baked in with a little mustard and mayo. Had a nutritious protein cookie for a snack at about four p.m.. Supper was a home cooked meal of ham, cream corn and dark whole rice. Had about six cups of water today, one coffee in the morning a large cranberry juice and a green tea this evening while I write this. Desert was a homemade cinnamon bun.

I think that was pretty decent calorie consumption for the day. The whole day would be under 2000 I am sure. So yeah all in all a good day for day two and just getting started.  Hope I managed to keep this entertaining enough for you. I think going forward I will try to include short prose on food, exercise, nutrition, etc…

That’s the plan for now. Don’t wish me luck. Watch me go, better yet come with me.

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