My New Transformation Starts Today

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today is the day I start my new transformation. I am really stoked. I am making the commitment. I will make this happen each and every day. It will become a habit and that habit with transform into a new lifestyle. New healthy lifestyles that will give me balance in my diet and exercise areas of my life.


I started today, with my new Beachbody workout programs. I am demanding of myself no excuses I WILL do my exercise program once every day without fail.  I will enjoy a delicious nutritional high quality supplement daily. I will eat smart. I will do this every day without fail because I want the end result. I want the new lifestyle that will be born out of my efforts. I want the healthier me that will be achieved solely by my consistency in my program.


I will reap the benefits that this will afford me.  Things like greater mobility, the ability to go further without feeling winded or tired out. Also better agility, being able to enjoy the capacity of broader range of movements without being restrained by pain or discomfort. Because of these better choices I will have been making, I can expect to enjoy the side benefits like a longer better quality life with less sickness and ailments.


So that is what I can expect to get out of what I am doing. What am I doing? I will be following the Beachbody lifestyle. I will start with their “Thai Cheng” exercise program to help get my body back in motion. This program is about proper body alignment and returning to full range of motion, getting your agility and dexterity back.   Upon completing that program I will be starting P90X. For additional exercise I will be working out on my Bowflex Blaze as well as walking on my treadmill.


For my nutritional requirements I will be starting off with “Shakeology” line of nutritional supplements. I am also going to follow the meal plan for twenty four hundred calories low carbs diet plan. The diet plan looks really good and seems like it will be quite delicious. The menu they are providing is considerable in variety and if I come across an item I do not like they offer an alternative dish. The whole system is online; I will have access to dieticians and nutritionists as well as the fitness trainers should I have questions or concerns in that area.


My accountability will be to you via my blogging. Beachbody also has a built in cyber gym where I will also be logging my workouts. So the system is really quite complete and should make it virtually impossible to fail. The only way to fail is for me not commit to myself and to you to do this every day.


I am stoked that I started my program today. Today is the first day of the rest of my new and improved life. I look forward to sharing my progress and my journey with you. I hope that my success may be the catalyst that inspires you to get started on your transformation. I would love to have a couple people join me in my transformation journey. It is statistically proven that when three or more people enter a health and fitness challenge their long term success jumps from twenty four percent to sixty seven percent of being active in their program two years out.


Till next time….






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