Here Is To Your Health!

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Here’s to Your Good Health!


So you try to eat right. You are eating a few servings of fruits and veggies every day. You try to three proper meals a day. But you find you are feeling sluggish, tired or even burnt out! Well it is NOT your fault.

If you are most people out there you have a very hectic schedule. You get up way earlier than you would like to. You are spending on average about one and half hours in your morning commute. So to allow you a few extra minutes in bed you skip a nutritious breakfast and grab a large coffee and a processed fast food breaky item off the drive threw menu. That is your first major and potentially deadly mistake of the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I bet three quarters of us mess it up daily by age twelve, if not earlier.  Think about it, when was the last time you had a sit down, home cooked breakfast made of wholesome natural ingredients that covered all the food groups? Be honest. Except for a few special occasions the answer would most likely be never. You see even if you try to eat right the food today grown is these huge mass agri-farms is actually almost ninety percent less nutritionally dense as the same product grown just thirty years ago. You need to eat about eight oranges to get the same level of nutrients just one orange had on grandpa’s tree.

So you know and I know most people are not snacking on celery and carrot sticks. Some are eating a piece of fruit at least, but most of us are grabbing a chewy bar or packaged cookies from the vending machine in the hall. There is death blow number two, and we haven’t had lunch yet.

In today fast paced no time to make a good lunch world we live in, we are still brown bagging it, it is just not coming from home.  Enter the fast food epidemic. How many of us are guilty of that, one two, three, five times a week. I would bet more of us than like to admit it. I know I was victim of the fast food ease and I was an even opportunity fast food consumer. I changed it up almost daily. Those meals are the worst thing you can eat during your day. Don’t kid yourself with the salad option either. Look them up, that should scare you off them.

Afternoon snack venturing a guess here that it is not more carrot sticks. Probably, more likely to be a chocolate bar or a bag of chips to keep up the carbs and sugars to get you through the afternoon push. Add that to your morning coffee with too much sugar and heavy cream, your one or two processed drinks during the day, heaven forbid you drink water, and now you are ready to have delicious nutritious dinner. Right?

Wrong! You had every intention of going home and cooking a good meal. But the hour and a half commute beat that idea out of you. So when you are thirty minutes from home you call your favorite pizza place or bucket of chicken or whatever takes out place you haven’t had that week yet and make your order. Even if you can resist the take out option, when you get home you most likely to pull out some easy to cook processed meal instead. Again not really your fault, you’ve just spent twelve hours to get paid for eight.

In the next decade of doing this, and with less and less exercise your body starts to show the wear and tear. You are out of shape, probably packing around twenty, thirty, fifty or more pounds. You are feeling sluggish and tired. You go see your doctor and he says, you are showing beginning signs of type two diabetes. You are down and depressed, so you turn to the comfort foods that got you there in the first place.  But that, my friend, is the worst thing you could do. You need to turn this ship around! Now! And you can do it.

How? It’s too late! I was fat, out of shape and I don’t know how either! But I found a solution and I can help you. You see my story is not too far off from this one. I was eating the way I described above. I gained about fifty – sixty pounds of unwanted fat. I felt sluggish and burnt out. I didn’t go to the doctor when I started feeling weird from time to time because I didn’t want her diagnosis. I knew I had to change my ways. I stopped eating the fast food. I replaced two meals a day with a proper nutritious shake, just like more and more doctors are recommending. I started to feel better surprisingly fast. My energy went up. I felt good. I started to lose some weight. My days when my body felt weird stopped happening. I dropped about thirty five pounds. I found myself making better choices, when it came to what was going in my mouth.

I did the shake only program for about a year. It was good, it got me started on a better path, but it wasn’t the total answer.  I would lose some weight, I would feel better, and then I would gain a bit back, and then lose it again. I was just not getting any further with my program. I was getting frustrated. Then I heard about another program. This program is a complete program. Quality nutrition, various exercise programs from novice to extreme, a community to help you succeed, even a meal plan program to help make better easy eating decisions. Even if you feel you need to reset your health from the inside out there is a high quality cleanse program that may just be the right place to start for you. I am just getting started with this program, and I can already see the benefits of membership. I am so looking forward to my complete lifestyle change. I know without question if I can do it so can you. I would like nothing more than to have you join me in creating a better healthier fitter life for you and me.


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