To Shake or Not To Shake

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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To shake or not to shake? That I think is rapidly becoming the question of the day. More and more nutritional companies are coming up with a shake meal product these days. So what is the one you should be taking? Should you be taking a shake? The answer to the latter question is most definitely yes!

The reason is quite simple, the foods that we typically eat today is very nutritionally depleted.  You can all kinds of testimony to that fact all over the net. So the human body cannot get enough good nutrition in a given day to operate at peak efficiency. The human body starts to run on a nutritionally deprived state. Further to that there are a lot of chemical residues on and in the foods we consume these days. The human body is not designed to deal with chemicals so it stores them. But that is another topic for another time.

So these shakes, the top shelf ones anyway are made from organic non GMO’d ingredients. There are also full of enough minerals and vitamins to set your body up for the day. These top quality products have fiber, proteins and pro-biotics and all kinds of good stuff like that in them.

So you can plainly see that taking something like these shakes on a daily basis would be a good thing for you. The only real question left is to decide on which product you prefer to take. I have been taking a shake a day for over a year now, and I can honestly I have never felt better in my life. I actually feel sluggish if I miss my daily shake.

These shakes are great for all kinds of uses. If you want to just feel better you can have a shake as a snack or as drink with a meal. If you want to lose weight you can replace a meal or two with a delicious nutritious shake. Even if your goal is to build muscle or maintain your fitness levels you can a shake or two to your daily nutritional regime.

There are many different brands out there that have a good quality product. So just try a few of them out to find one you like or take the recommendation from a friend or someone who uses a shake product. Just remember as with anything else out there in the world you get what you pay for.

I am personally using a product by Beachbody, called “Shakeology”. I went with Beachbody’s product because of their reputation to provide only top quality products. They also provide an extensive line-up of exercise product and programs to go along with their nutritional supplements.


Here is a link to a video about Beachbody:

Here is a link to my website if you want to learn more:

Feel free to drop me a message on my site if require any further assistance. All the best to you!

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