Progress Always Involves Risk!

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”
—Frederick Wilcox



This is an awesome quote. I try to find an inspirational quote every day. I really like this one. It resonated with me today.

Progress always involves risk! This is so true. It is as true today as it was the day you first tried pulling yourself up by the coffee table. I am not referring to the last time you were so drunk that you fell down in the living. I am talking about when you were a wee pittance, and you decided it was time to try standing up on own two legs just like all the big people in your life.  This maneuver was not easy. It was very risky, your legs were shaky, your grip was not the best, but you did it anyway. Why? Because you decided the reward of standing was worth more to you than the risk of falling. You had a look of utter determination on your face. You were focused, nothing else going on around you mattered. You didn’t give a rip what anybody thought. You were going to stand by that table on your own power if you had to fall again and again.

You did it till you persevered! You ran that risk again when tried to run for the first time. Again, when you wanted to ride a bike. Learn to swim. Ask that first special person out. Drove your first car, you see the list goes on and on. You have accepted risk over and over and over again throughout your whole life. Even to this day you take unconscious risks every day. You run a risk getting out of bed, taking a shower, crossing the street. But for some crazy reason a lot of us decide that some risk is too risky.

You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. I love this analogy. It really puts it in perspective. We take all kinds of risks, but for some reason we won’t steal second. Why? Is it because we might fall on our face? We have proven in our first year we can beat that one. And what if we do? So what. Just do what you did when we were young, get up brush off our knees, shed a tear even if needed, but get back on it and try again. This time with a little experience and insight though I am sure.

So in today’s economy we know you need to be in business for yourself. You need the legit tax write-offs that can save you potentially thousands of taxable dollars at tax time. But more importantly the equal opportunity to succeed! To earn, potentially more money than you have ever earned in your life before now, if that is your goal. Enjoy a standard of living only dreamed about. It is funny, actually sad is a better word, to me how so many people will get involved in an incredible opportunity and then let the invalidated fear that their friend may think what they are doing is stupid so they never make a move. Don’t let other peoples opinion matter to you one little bit. See I look at the person I am talking to like this, what I am going offer is worth more than what they have to offer me, so why would I let their opinion of my goals and dreams matter. If they don’t want to join me in my success journey and reach greater and grander destinies with me, well it sucks to be them.

You see I have decided that I am going forward on my goals and dreams, and I do not need their approval to get there. I would love for them to join me so we can enjoy the rewards together, but they are not the decider if I am going. I have already made the decision to pull myself up. Maybe, they need to see the rewards of my risk before they venture out and risk for themselves. Either way it’s all good. I have met with neigh Sayers in just about everything I have done in my life. I have gone ahead with my desires win or lose. I have won some and lose some. But I can tell you this straight up I have zero regrets. Not one. Even the ventures that did not pan out financially for me I won intellectually. The only way to truly lose is to never risk at all.


So grab life with both hands and pull yourself up. I look forward to hearing how you risked and won.

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