The Law Of Attraction pt2

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So we finished off yesterday with the premise behind creating your own reality via the use of the Laws of Attraction. So here is the next part of the process the “Ask”, “Belief” and of course the “Receiving”. They are very crucial steps in making the process work…




You must clearly define what you want. Instead of saying, “I want a new SUV,” be specific. Go to the car dealer and pick out exactly what you want. Test drive several SUV models. Bring home the brochure complete with color choices.

Once you decide which car best fits your lifestyle and use requirements, then you’re ready for the first step. Ask the Universe to bring you a 4 door X-Model by Z Car Company, midnight blue with tan leather seats, CD player and cruise control.

Does this sound like a shopping list? Sure it does. If you want that SUV, then you need to ask for that SUV. Otherwise don’t be crabby when you get a dented sedan from the 1980s.

Hey, you asked for a car, you didn’t ask for exactly what you wanted. That’s the power of the first step – ASK!

Once you ask for that specifically equipped SUV, then you must BELIEVE that the car is already yours.
“But wait -it’s not in my driveway!”

That makes no difference. Your responsibility in the process is to believe without wavering that the car is yours. It may still be on the dealer’s lot, but as far as you are concerned, it’s yours.

The moment you doubt or think perhaps you asked for too much, then you break that tractor beam in which the Universe is bringing your desire to you.


To Believe is the most difficult tasks for newcomers to practice. It’s also the point where people give up on the entire process and stop making any effort to attract what they want or need in their lives.
“After all, the Universe hasn’t given me anything yet,” you say, so this stuff obviously doesn’t work. You can say that it doesn’t work but the truth is, you didn’t allow it to work. Your belief was not a full commitment -it was half¬hearted at best.

Fortunately, the Universe won’t deliver half a car to you. With the Law of Attraction, full commitment is a requirement if you want to have the full benefits.

When you strongly believe that you can have what you asked for, you reach beyond the realm of what you see into the realm of what’s possible. That’s why Possibility Thinking was a former name for this law -because it transported your thinking beyond what has you stuck in the present to a future without limitations.
What a powerful and sobering concept this is! You’ve likely experienced this before and didn’t realize it. Did you desperately want to skate, only to fall so many times you gave up?

You watched friends and started to imagine yourself skating. As you rehearsed this in your head you went from “wanting to skate” to “seeing yourself as a skater.” Then suddenly you tried again and you could skate. The skates didn’t change -you changed because you developed a belief that you could skate.


To Receive is easy, you think, but that’s not totally accurate. You think you’ll have no problem happily receiving that SUV when it arrives in your driveway. You’ll be so happy and grateful.

If that’s as far as it goes, then you have a car but you missed the point. Gratitude requires expression -not just, “Wow, great car – thanks.” You must take quiet time to show gratitude to the Universe or the Supreme Being of your religious beliefs.

This car didn’t come to you because the dealer was feeling generous. The car is a manifestation of you asking and believing that the Universe or the Supreme Being had both the power and the desire to meet your need.

Another concept we hear about often is “pay it forward,” based on another movie in which people begin to do random acts of kindness without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

You can use the “pay it forward” idea as part of showing your gratitude for what you receive. Maybe you volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels once weekly or bring your neighbor’s child along with your family on a picnic now that you have a vehicle with room for more people. Find ways to use the gift you received to benefit others who will never be able to repay you. That’s showing gratitude in the highest form by paying it forward.


Don’t forget to return for the final instalment, creating your own reality…

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