Why Direct Selling is Rocking it right now.


Direct selling as an industry is not new. It earliest roots, that I have found, are from a German based international company call Vorwerk, founded in 1883.  That’s right 1883, your read that correctly. So you can see the industry and concept is not relatively new at all. It has been around long enough to prove its viability. So the companies today are just like any other company in any other industry trying to improve on products, on delivery and on profits for both the direct seller/marketer as well as for them selves. Good sound business practices there.


So why the bad press a lot of the time? Well it is very plain an simple YOU. Yes you,. You are the variable in the equation. The products are the same for everybody, nobody gets a better version, they are all the exact same. The compensation is the same for everybody. Everybody gets the exact same commission scale the only difference between you and the person making more than you is time and technique. So if an opportunity does not pan out for you it is not because it is a scam or pyramid scheme that you did not get in on top of. It is solely your responsibility. Win or lose its up to you. But most people don’t like to admit that they failed, so they blame the tool. If you build a fence and it falls over is it the hammers fault?


Direct selling rocks because everybody has the exact same chance for success. Direct selling generally has a low start up cost. So most people can afford to get started in a direct selling business. The products are excellent and fairly priced. If they weren’t, with today social media and internet a bogus company would not last long at all.


Why should you do a direct selling opportunity? This is why! First and foremost are the obvious tax advantages. I mean lets face it, with the price of gas alone would your buy a gallon of gas with pre-taxed dollars or after- tax do0llars? And that is just the first of many, visit your government website and see what are the typical business expense write offs you can expect. The average network/direct selling marketer can typically tax shelter between $8- $16 thousands dollars a year just by actively being involved in a business. What would that alone do for you?


Now lets say you go out and just do a little bit of the marketing plan that most companies provide, and you start making an extra $500 – $1000 per month part time, how would that help you out? Would pay down some debt? Save up for that trip you always wanted to take? Put it away for the kids college someday? How do you make this money every month, month after month after month? That is the beauty of this type of marketing the product are typically high quality consumable products, so people keep buying and using them. That is called residual income. Some of the worlds largest corporations have residual customers. Think cable, telephone, internet, insurance, food….On top of that most direct selling/marketing companies have a multi-level or referral over-ride commission pay schedule so people that you share it with start doing it you get a bonus from their sales too. And that is called leverage and that is the way big banks make there money.


So this industry has the best products, the best marketing model(word of mouth), the best income retention, and the best income growth system. The only think that can mess it up is you by getting involved and never getting started. Or worse yet quitting the first time someone says no to your products or services. So if you cant take a no just be a user of the products and services. But if you can still take a no, just like when you were a little kid and you asked your mommy for a second cookie and she said “NOOO”, then by all means my friend find  a business that suites you and your style and go for it. You’ll be glad you did.


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