Bankster Fraud!

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t know if you remember but a while back I posted something about the mortgage fraud going on in the world today. Yup it is true the big banks and the banksters behind them are not your friends! Their whole agenda is to fleece of your hard earned money, and if you can’t or stop allowing them the fleecing by missing your so called “mortgage payments” they believe they can come in and steal your property. They do this with the help of a judge, some lawyers, and of course your ignorance of what is actually going on here. Don’t get mad at me for calling you ignorant, I was too, and its not by accident. It is completely by design. The whole idea is to fleece you of you hard earned money over the next twenty to thirty years, and if you should have a loss of income or can no longer afford to service the account they will swoop in and steal your property out from under you.  It is blatant thievery and is no different than the guy on the street scamming you out of your money. The only difference between the cons on the street and the banksters is one is sanctioned by the governing elites and the other is a rogue operator.

To really understand this how all works, you have to go back a bit and first get an education as who you are. That’s right you. The you, you see in the mirror is not the same person that they refer in the two dimensional world of commerce. They have cleverly created a crafty little thing that can look like you and even has the same name as you but if you look carefully it is always in the ALL CAPITAL FORMAT. That font style is typical to all CORPERATIONS and GOVERNMENT agencies. You spell your name in upper and lower case, proper grammar, because you are a real flesh and blood  three dimensional being. Governments and Corporations are always represented in the all capitals format as that is how you properly and lawfully distinguish a two dimensional fictional entity.  Check out any bill, invoice, statement or letterhead from any Corporation and see if I am not correct. Further to that, check the way your name is presented on any of the fore mentioned  documents. I believe you will find that in every case your name is represented just as if it were a Corporation. Hmm, what can it mean?  Is it an attempt to attach a Corporate fiction to your name?  Could be. I would suggest you do your own research, start by looking up the “Name Game” on a search engine and go from there.

But, we were talking about money here, so let have a look at that. As we all are well aware money is not, and has not been, back by gold for a very long time, For clarity on that topic, please refer to articles about the development of “FED” or “FEDERAL RESERVE” the internet has all kinds of information about the creation of the “FED”. You will find in reading about that entity that the gold standard was abolished. So what was to be the new backer of this new currency? It has to be backed by something to give it value. You may be surprised to know that the new currency was back solely by the equity of the people. People like you and me! So if we are surety for the money, we are therefore by default the granters of the credit. So then when we go to the bank and sign our name to the documents that very act allows money to be generated under this new system. So then if my signature creates the money then why do I have to pay it back? In other words can a person be both the creditor and the debtor of the very same funds? If I created it mine is it not? I think it is, and so are a growing number of people out there in the world starting to think like this. Might I suggest a little more study here. Look up the “Walker Todd” documents on the creation of money. He worked for the “FED” for many years before his conscience got the better of him and he gave a testimony as a professional witness in a rather large case in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  You can probably look that up too.

Now just what have the banks done? The banks have committed fraud several times. Firstly, by making you believe you owe them the money. Secondly, when they secured your “NOTE” with them for any loan whatsoever and you repaid the bank as you are lead to believed you had to do, the banks are obligated to return to you your “original signed documents”, not copies. As copies are not worth the paper they are printed on. It’s your original “wet ink” signature that create the funds and it is that very same document that is worth the money it created. Have they ever given you one back? Nope, that is because they don’t have it, and because of that fact you can sue them for the full reimbursement of your funds. Why you ask? Because without that original document they have no proof of your so called indebtedness, they are no longer the “Holder in Due Course” and therefore are NOT entitled to be repaid or paid anything for that matter.

Let’s have a look at this and say you came to me and asked to borrow a one hundred dollars. I said sure lets just do up a simple IOU and we sign it and date it. It secures the loan for me as I have a piece of paper with our signatures on it that states you owe me money. And them when you come pay me the one hundred dollars and/or any interest we have agreed to, I give you back your note, so why doesn’t the bank?  If you came to me with the money and I did not have your note for you would you pay me? I wouldn’t, because what would stop me from producing the note later and collecting on it again? You see the return of the note is proof of repayment for you, and lawfully settles the matter. Lets take this scenario a step further, and say while I was waiting for you to pay me, I got tight on funds so I go my neighbour and sell him your not for face value, do you still owe me or do you now owe my neighbour. You may think you owe me, and if you came to pay me and if I did not inform you that the note is now with my neighbour, and I took the money from you, I just committed fraud. Why because I am no longer the “Holder in Due Course”, I no longer possess your note, so therefore I am not entitled to your money.  That is what your bank has done, they took your note sold it on the open market to an investor for a profit as sub-prime mortgages, and then fraudulently continued to collect funds from you as if they still held it. That is just the beginning of fraud they may have committed on you.

Let say for some reason, like higher interest rates or a job loss, you could not service this alleged debt, they could not just say “oopsy” and let you walk on it, as they should have when they no longer held the original paper. What they thought was the best and safest coarse of action, was to perpetuate the fraud by banking on your ignorance of the process, no pun or insult intended here, and foreclose and steal your property from you. If you knew about the rules you could beat the foreclosure attempts. And if you do have the understanding and try to fight it, the banks then have to rely the legal system to perpetuate the fraud and in so doing they implement our court system in the fraud. Or are they implementing the courts or are they willing participants? Scary little world we live in.

How can I believe this can happen in our courts? Because I witnessed it with my own eyes, I watched as  a Supreme Court Masters, as they are called, blatantly disregard affidavits and disclosure documents filed into the court asking for the evidence proving who is the “Holder is Due Course”. The judges exact words were “ This does not have to be proven to you.”  Apparently he has a crystal ball and does not need actual evidence to make life impacting decisions. So in other words according to this judge you do not need to be in possession of the original IOU in order to collect on it. This can open up a whole new can of ciaos so now everyone is at risk of anyone dragging them into court and saying you owe them without evidence to back that up and this judge has set precedence that you have proven your claim with mere accusation.

Don’t take my word for it though, do your own research. Check it all out for yourself.

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