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Could this be the secret you are looking for?  Could this be the answer to your business woes? Are you having trouble finding the right customers? The right business partners? The right prospects to pick your concept to?

I was having a hard time too. I am in the direct selling industry.  So I don’t have a “bricks and mortar” type storefront where customers can find me, I have to find them.  Less overhead, great margins and a leveraged multi-levelled commission plan, I am stoked. Until you run out of friends and family. You know the old oops out of warm market. You are making some good money, but you know there is a drop off rate you have to contend with. Not to mention the yeah I’ll do it peeps on your team. So you need to add some fresh blood. Get another live person to work with. But from where, where are you going to find this person? The mall? The gas station? You going to pull out the phone book and start making some serious cold calls? I think not!

So where are these new people going to come from. That is what stops most people in there tracks.

What if you could find a solution to this problem? What if you could a find source of people who are looking for you and your products, or services, or even your business opportunity? Wouldn’t that be just awesome? What if I told you that place existed? I bet you, just like me, you would be happy to hear about that. You see I was right where you are now. Looking at your scratched out names list! Looking at your business stats, knowing you need to do something to keep it growing.  It is not the scariest place you can be with your business, but with the solution I am about to share with you, it could quite possibly be the best place to be at the same time. Crazy? Nope not crazy! You see you are ready to take a qualified prospective customer/partner/prospect and pitch them properly. Why? Because you have the experience now from pitching your warm market. You are comfortable and knowledgeable and capable. So mow when you are in front of, or calling these new “pre-qualified” prospects you are in control of the conversation and you have the ease of mind knowing they are already interested in something.

I have your dream source of sales leads for you. I have found renewed excitement since I started with this program. I look forward to getting my leads and look forward to having a great level of success in closing sales to people who are eagerly looking for what I am selling. I tell you it’s a million times better than going to the mall and stalking people trying to figure out how to approach them. Or trying to talk Uncle Buck into joining you one more time. Okay! Okay! I wont keep it from any longer. You have suffered long enough without good pre-qualified sales leads.

So here it is the link to your success:

Go ahead click on it. See if you see what I seen when I had a look and joined. If you want quality pre-qualified sales leads we’ll see you on the inside.

Wishing you all the best in whatever it is you do.


Why Direct Selling is Rocking it right now.


Direct selling as an industry is not new. It earliest roots, that I have found, are from a German based international company call Vorwerk, founded in 1883.  That’s right 1883, your read that correctly. So you can see the industry and concept is not relatively new at all. It has been around long enough to prove its viability. So the companies today are just like any other company in any other industry trying to improve on products, on delivery and on profits for both the direct seller/marketer as well as for them selves. Good sound business practices there.


So why the bad press a lot of the time? Well it is very plain an simple YOU. Yes you,. You are the variable in the equation. The products are the same for everybody, nobody gets a better version, they are all the exact same. The compensation is the same for everybody. Everybody gets the exact same commission scale the only difference between you and the person making more than you is time and technique. So if an opportunity does not pan out for you it is not because it is a scam or pyramid scheme that you did not get in on top of. It is solely your responsibility. Win or lose its up to you. But most people don’t like to admit that they failed, so they blame the tool. If you build a fence and it falls over is it the hammers fault?


Direct selling rocks because everybody has the exact same chance for success. Direct selling generally has a low start up cost. So most people can afford to get started in a direct selling business. The products are excellent and fairly priced. If they weren’t, with today social media and internet a bogus company would not last long at all.


Why should you do a direct selling opportunity? This is why! First and foremost are the obvious tax advantages. I mean lets face it, with the price of gas alone would your buy a gallon of gas with pre-taxed dollars or after- tax do0llars? And that is just the first of many, visit your government website and see what are the typical business expense write offs you can expect. The average network/direct selling marketer can typically tax shelter between $8- $16 thousands dollars a year just by actively being involved in a business. What would that alone do for you?


Now lets say you go out and just do a little bit of the marketing plan that most companies provide, and you start making an extra $500 – $1000 per month part time, how would that help you out? Would pay down some debt? Save up for that trip you always wanted to take? Put it away for the kids college someday? How do you make this money every month, month after month after month? That is the beauty of this type of marketing the product are typically high quality consumable products, so people keep buying and using them. That is called residual income. Some of the worlds largest corporations have residual customers. Think cable, telephone, internet, insurance, food….On top of that most direct selling/marketing companies have a multi-level or referral over-ride commission pay schedule so people that you share it with start doing it you get a bonus from their sales too. And that is called leverage and that is the way big banks make there money.


So this industry has the best products, the best marketing model(word of mouth), the best income retention, and the best income growth system. The only think that can mess it up is you by getting involved and never getting started. Or worse yet quitting the first time someone says no to your products or services. So if you cant take a no just be a user of the products and services. But if you can still take a no, just like when you were a little kid and you asked your mommy for a second cookie and she said “NOOO”, then by all means my friend find  a business that suites you and your style and go for it. You’ll be glad you did.


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The Dash

I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on her tombstone, from the beginning…to the end.

He noted that first came the date of her birth and spoke of the following date with tears, but he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time that she spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved her know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own, the cars…the house…the cash. What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash.

So, think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change? For you never know how much time is left that can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough to consider what’s true and real and always try to understand the way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger and show appreciation more and love the people in our lives like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect and more often wear a smile, remembering that this special dash might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy is being read, with your life’s actions to rehash…would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent YOUR dash?

by Linda Ellis, copyright 1996

I came across this poem and it really resonated with me. It got me thinking about how I am spending my days, what I am doing day in day out. I decided I did not want a dash that was wasted. I do not want people at my celebration of life to be thinking he just existed to his final days. I know I have the love and loved covered, but I want more than that represented by my dash. I want people I do not even know to benefit from the fact that I existed.

I want a dash that has no regrets, I will complete my bucket list before I kick it.. I want a dash that’s full of love, I know I am loved by most of the people that know me already, but I want others who do not know me personally to say “What an amazing man he was because he….”. I want a dash that is full of adventure, I want to live while I am alive, I want to travel and see what I want to see and experience what I want to experience. I want a dash that full of  laughter and fun, I want it to reflect a lifetime of enjoyment of family and friends and good times spent meeting and enjoying happy moments with new people.

I want a dash that other people will want to have as theirs. I want people to say, “man this guy really lived! He had fun, love and adventure. He had experiences only stepping out can achieve. He spent lots of time helping people for no other reason except for the simple fact he could.” I want people to be happy I was here and to be happy that I had a full and abundant life, and a little sad that I am gone. Not too much sorrow because life is for the living and I lived it!

Another favourite saying of mine is: “When it’s my time to go I don’t want to be there all neat and pressed! I want to come sliding in at full speed with sweat on my brow, a smile on my face and covered in dirt from a life well lived.”

What do you want your dash to say about the life you lived?


Dashes are funner to fill with cash, if you are looking for ways to accummualte more cash check out the links below.


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Ahhhh, Family get togethers!! You got to love them! Well I guess actually you don’t, but I sure do. I love my family, they are my world. You know what I mean? My children mean more to me than breath in my own lungs! That is a powerful statement but that is the truth! I would do absolutely anything for my kids no question.  I am sure just about any real father and daddy, well heck parent of either persuasion would feel pretty much the same way. So for me the times we spend together are my favourite times.

Like take tonight for example, it was my youngest sons birthday. I don’t know about your place, but around here when its your birthday you get to decide what your favourite meal is and that is what we are having for dinner. So today my wife and I spent some time building homemade perogies, and we’re not even Ukrainian! But it was great! Yup I am a sap I love my wife and enjoy her company. Its was great to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with the little wifey chopping, slicing, dicing, frying, and sautéing to make the stuffing.  After making these lovely little perogies I decided to stack them up. Take my advice don’t do it!! All was well after a little coaxing and some mild cursing to get them apart again. They cooked up beautifully. We had a delicious dinner of homemade perogies, sausage and topped it off with homemade cake and presents. No the sausage and presents were not homemade, but the rest was!

In three days my wife and I are off to the Mexican Caribbean coast for two weeks! We rented two condos in the north end of the hotel zone of Cancun for a week. We are spending it with… you guest it! Family! My wife’s sister and brother are coming down to join us on the Sunday, we get there on Saturday, and then a cousin of my wife’s and her other half are going to be joining the group on Monday. This will be great! We have been to Mexico several times now but this is the first time staying like a local in condo, no resort, no wristband, just are pasty white skin and Canadian accents to give us away. We are looking forward to it. Then the second week is just my wife and I in an adult only spa seaside resort in the Mayan Riviera. Just the two of us enjoying the fun, the sun, the spas.

Then back home we go to winter and to work. But is that not why we work, so we can have the ability to enjoy our free time the way we like? I know it is for me. That is what drives me to do the things I do. I love to be able to provide for my family and take holidays with my wife and my children a couple of times a year. To have my things paid for. So I own them! My cars, my work truck and equipment, my house(almost). My credit cards are on a use and paid program I don’t like to carry a balance. I started out in life with nothing just a strong back and a good work ethic. Well I wasn’t out there to long when I broke that. Left me in a chair looking around wondering how I build from here. It was tough, wife, four young kids,  me sole bacon getter, and BOOM just like that in a chair! Wakes one up in a hurry. I had a small disability pension and my medical needs were covered. I had to find something to do. For the first time since we were married my wife had to get a job. That was hard for me to take. It was then that I was first introduced to network marketing and what really got me listening was the leveraged nature of this business. Think about it for a minute. You get it going and say over a year or so you build it up were your make just a grand or two extra a month on the side. And then something happened like you got laid off or cut back on at work. You wouldn’t be so destitute. And if life stays going good you can go on that vacation you always wanted. Or do something boring like pay down a credit card(clever just not very sexy). Or heaven forbid something horrible like what happened to me. If I had built a safety net before I got hurt my wife might not have had to go to work.

Now fast forward a few years I have, with the help of network marketing, not just the money side but the self development side, have bought and sold two conventional type business, both started from scratch(one is a franchise though). I have raised in relative comfort seven young adults, all with good work ethics and strong family values(I love you all so much). I have designed and built a house(almost paid for). We travel several times a year, as a couple and as a family. Are next big goal is a whole family trip, all our children, their significant others, grandchildren all on a dream family vacation to Africa. Do the safaris and the whole nine yards. We can see that day coming in the next ten months or so, when the weather makes sense for us to do it, we‘ll do it.  We are not rich by any stretch but we are doing pretty good by most peoples standards. I am not wanting to toot my own horn here, I just trying to say that yes network marketing works.  Its working for me, and it is working for people on my team, both above and below me in the system we are working.  All I really want to say here is take a good look at network marketing or direct selling or affiliate programs because if you will commit to working with the systems, and don’t quit before you win, you will win!  I am, we are, and so are they.

I am actually a little diversified in them now but I recommend you find just one to start with and work it till it pays, then maybe try a second one. But whatever one you choose an whatever business model you choose make sure you believe in it 100%. You can never sell something you don’t whole heartedly believe in and the people can always smell a rat!

So if you are not in an opportunity yet or if you feel ready to try and add a second one I’ll provide links to the ones I am doing and you can check them out if you like.

Hope this finds you well and have an amazing day!

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Bankster Fraud!

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I don’t know if you remember but a while back I posted something about the mortgage fraud going on in the world today. Yup it is true the big banks and the banksters behind them are not your friends! Their whole agenda is to fleece of your hard earned money, and if you can’t or stop allowing them the fleecing by missing your so called “mortgage payments” they believe they can come in and steal your property. They do this with the help of a judge, some lawyers, and of course your ignorance of what is actually going on here. Don’t get mad at me for calling you ignorant, I was too, and its not by accident. It is completely by design. The whole idea is to fleece you of you hard earned money over the next twenty to thirty years, and if you should have a loss of income or can no longer afford to service the account they will swoop in and steal your property out from under you.  It is blatant thievery and is no different than the guy on the street scamming you out of your money. The only difference between the cons on the street and the banksters is one is sanctioned by the governing elites and the other is a rogue operator.

To really understand this how all works, you have to go back a bit and first get an education as who you are. That’s right you. The you, you see in the mirror is not the same person that they refer in the two dimensional world of commerce. They have cleverly created a crafty little thing that can look like you and even has the same name as you but if you look carefully it is always in the ALL CAPITAL FORMAT. That font style is typical to all CORPERATIONS and GOVERNMENT agencies. You spell your name in upper and lower case, proper grammar, because you are a real flesh and blood  three dimensional being. Governments and Corporations are always represented in the all capitals format as that is how you properly and lawfully distinguish a two dimensional fictional entity.  Check out any bill, invoice, statement or letterhead from any Corporation and see if I am not correct. Further to that, check the way your name is presented on any of the fore mentioned  documents. I believe you will find that in every case your name is represented just as if it were a Corporation. Hmm, what can it mean?  Is it an attempt to attach a Corporate fiction to your name?  Could be. I would suggest you do your own research, start by looking up the “Name Game” on a search engine and go from there.

But, we were talking about money here, so let have a look at that. As we all are well aware money is not, and has not been, back by gold for a very long time, For clarity on that topic, please refer to articles about the development of “FED” or “FEDERAL RESERVE” the internet has all kinds of information about the creation of the “FED”. You will find in reading about that entity that the gold standard was abolished. So what was to be the new backer of this new currency? It has to be backed by something to give it value. You may be surprised to know that the new currency was back solely by the equity of the people. People like you and me! So if we are surety for the money, we are therefore by default the granters of the credit. So then when we go to the bank and sign our name to the documents that very act allows money to be generated under this new system. So then if my signature creates the money then why do I have to pay it back? In other words can a person be both the creditor and the debtor of the very same funds? If I created it mine is it not? I think it is, and so are a growing number of people out there in the world starting to think like this. Might I suggest a little more study here. Look up the “Walker Todd” documents on the creation of money. He worked for the “FED” for many years before his conscience got the better of him and he gave a testimony as a professional witness in a rather large case in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  You can probably look that up too.

Now just what have the banks done? The banks have committed fraud several times. Firstly, by making you believe you owe them the money. Secondly, when they secured your “NOTE” with them for any loan whatsoever and you repaid the bank as you are lead to believed you had to do, the banks are obligated to return to you your “original signed documents”, not copies. As copies are not worth the paper they are printed on. It’s your original “wet ink” signature that create the funds and it is that very same document that is worth the money it created. Have they ever given you one back? Nope, that is because they don’t have it, and because of that fact you can sue them for the full reimbursement of your funds. Why you ask? Because without that original document they have no proof of your so called indebtedness, they are no longer the “Holder in Due Course” and therefore are NOT entitled to be repaid or paid anything for that matter.

Let’s have a look at this and say you came to me and asked to borrow a one hundred dollars. I said sure lets just do up a simple IOU and we sign it and date it. It secures the loan for me as I have a piece of paper with our signatures on it that states you owe me money. And them when you come pay me the one hundred dollars and/or any interest we have agreed to, I give you back your note, so why doesn’t the bank?  If you came to me with the money and I did not have your note for you would you pay me? I wouldn’t, because what would stop me from producing the note later and collecting on it again? You see the return of the note is proof of repayment for you, and lawfully settles the matter. Lets take this scenario a step further, and say while I was waiting for you to pay me, I got tight on funds so I go my neighbour and sell him your not for face value, do you still owe me or do you now owe my neighbour. You may think you owe me, and if you came to pay me and if I did not inform you that the note is now with my neighbour, and I took the money from you, I just committed fraud. Why because I am no longer the “Holder in Due Course”, I no longer possess your note, so therefore I am not entitled to your money.  That is what your bank has done, they took your note sold it on the open market to an investor for a profit as sub-prime mortgages, and then fraudulently continued to collect funds from you as if they still held it. That is just the beginning of fraud they may have committed on you.

Let say for some reason, like higher interest rates or a job loss, you could not service this alleged debt, they could not just say “oopsy” and let you walk on it, as they should have when they no longer held the original paper. What they thought was the best and safest coarse of action, was to perpetuate the fraud by banking on your ignorance of the process, no pun or insult intended here, and foreclose and steal your property from you. If you knew about the rules you could beat the foreclosure attempts. And if you do have the understanding and try to fight it, the banks then have to rely the legal system to perpetuate the fraud and in so doing they implement our court system in the fraud. Or are they implementing the courts or are they willing participants? Scary little world we live in.

How can I believe this can happen in our courts? Because I witnessed it with my own eyes, I watched as  a Supreme Court Masters, as they are called, blatantly disregard affidavits and disclosure documents filed into the court asking for the evidence proving who is the “Holder is Due Course”. The judges exact words were “ This does not have to be proven to you.”  Apparently he has a crystal ball and does not need actual evidence to make life impacting decisions. So in other words according to this judge you do not need to be in possession of the original IOU in order to collect on it. This can open up a whole new can of ciaos so now everyone is at risk of anyone dragging them into court and saying you owe them without evidence to back that up and this judge has set precedence that you have proven your claim with mere accusation.

Don’t take my word for it though, do your own research. Check it all out for yourself.


I want something better yet! I wanted INCOME STREAMS. I know people that have those things in place and they rock.  I don’t just mean the people rock the systems they have in place do too. An income stream is something you build and once it is built it continually flows money into your bank account. Ideally at an ever increasing rate. Its like owning a pipeline and every time something flows through it you get paid. And then to take that one step further, what if you had two or three pipelines, or even more! And then for financial safety, what if these pipeline all carried different commodities. That way if one commodity slowed the others would keep flowing or maybe increase. Wouldn’t that be the way to make money.  You see the trick is to build the pipeline the flow will take care of itself. I know people who have franchise pipelines, they, over several or even many years built up several franchises and have good managers in place and they  collect the flow off those pipelines. I know people who have done that in real estate, built up some pretty impressive rental portfolios and enjoy the flow from those pipelines. These pipelines are awesome but in most cases they took years to build. I want something that can be built much quicker than that.


I realize, short of winning a lottery there are no get rich quick deals out there. The only way to generate real money quickly is with “leverage”. All the really rich and FREE people in the world know this. You need to build pipelines, and in order to do it quickly you NEED to LEVERAGE it! So what is leverage? Where can you get it? How do you apply it?


Leverage is the ability to multiply something for a gain. Compound interest is an excellent example of leverage applied. I will let you do the math, but if you took $10,000.00 and put it in some kind of  mutual fund that guaranteed a 10% interest /return on your money, in 7 years it would double. But when you factor in inflation and the fact that your original money is not usable by you, this is not very attractive.  I mean its great if you have a surplus of cash you do not need access for the next ten or more years. The more you have to drop in there the better the results. There has to be something better! How about time? Is there a way to leverage time? The best way, the fastest way, and the most economical way to leverage your most valuable commodity, time, is Network Marketing. Period! Nowhere on this planet so far can the average person go forward with very little capital, invest some time and reap the benefits of leveraged income.


So how does it work, you ask? You get involved, your busy just like everybody else trying to make a living, but you have just one hour a day you can put into your new network marketing business. In that hour you get a person to join you, that person also has an hour. So now there are two hours of effort being performed, one from you and one from your new partner. You are still just doing one hour but so is your new business partner. You have just leveraged yourself. What if in the next hour available you and your business partner each gained a new partner. That would be fours going forward and you are still just doing one hour. And lets say it keeps doubling day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You will still be just doing your one hour but you have a team possibly thousands possibly tens of thousands of people all putting their hour of time. You would now be gaining earnings on thousands of hours of effort happening everyday. Now in order to be a business you must run a product or service through this network of people you have created. So can you imagine what your income could be if you ran a $25 monthly  item through their, what if it was a $100 item, what if it was even more than that. Can you see now how by getting involved in a network marketing opportunity can change your families live?  And with that kind of income possible you can now easily go out and build yourself a second, third, fourth income stream. That is what building a pipeline is all about!


Gain freedom through leverage. And then as a result of that being to totally secure your family for generations to come by building more and more pipelines in a diverse arena of products and services and holdings. That is how the truly free are well TRULY FREE!


Find the one that feels right for you and get started. And then once you get DON’T QUIT!


Here is a link to my latest pipeline  this one is currently in pre-launch!


Another one I really enjoy is  I am just getting going with this one.


My main pipeline is Incredible products amazing results!


Feel free to check out mine and any others you find appealing. Remember you must find one that fits you. If you have any questions about the industry or any of my opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me at




I am hearing more and more from people that their income is not going as far as it used to. That they are being taxed to even greater amounts than ever before. And there are no more hours in a day to work over time. And then if you do work over time the government gets more of it than do! This story I am hearing from younger and younger people. It is cause for great concern. Where is our standard of living going? Are we to trade every waking hour in the pursuit of  the all mighty dollar just so we can hand over an ever increasing portion to the tax-man? There has to be a better way. There just has to be! We cannot be expected to accept this life of endless toil. I have seen what was happening to me and my so called disposable income, and I can’t help wondering and worrying about how my young adult children are making itn never mind the ones still at home. I just knew there had be something more out there, something better. Well there was.


I thought business was the key, so I tried my own new home construction company for a lot of years, I kept telling myself again and again so that I was actually thinking that next year is the year it really turns around. What I found with construction was a feast and famine industry. So then I thought, ah ha, retail that is the game that makes the real money.  It did ok, worked it for about five years made some decent coin, then it plateaued. I had to either be happy where I was or invest large money into a second store in another city and work hard for maybe three years till that store started working nicely. But with the additional overhead and stress would the override I would receive be sufficient?  I didn’t think so. You see I did that in construction; got a second crew going, it didn’t justify itself there either so I didn’t think it would be any better in retail either. So I looked into a franchise. I mean franchises are the turnkey success business model right. I didn’t have a couple million dollars to spend so the big ticket franchises were out. So I picked what I thought was a good concept and would fit in my community and something I could start while still running my retail location. It worked out pretty good, I have way less overhead, virtually no stress and I am making some pretty decent coin. So I got out of retail. People might think lucky you, you have done it. But its not quite there yet, you see it is dependant on my efforts. If I want a holiday I have to find a driver I can trust with my truck and then I still worry about my business the whole time I am away.


So I started looking at the people I know who have the lifestyle I wanted. Money coming in on a consistent and  regular bases.  It was not solely dependant on their efforts. They could be free to do things, during the day even. Always seem to have a few dollars to spend travel a few times a year, drive more than one nice car, maybe have a couple of nice houses, one in the city one on the lake. A few of these people had large business’ that had lots of managers and staff so the work was always being done and enough of it that they could take there share and have freedom. Somewhat, as even though they had all this in place it was still all riding on one business so they were ultimately responsible for it, and therefore they had the pressure to make sure it was always working. And the other downside was it generally to them 25-40  years of hard work to get to that point. What if you made that choice and it just never got quite big enough, then what? So in that model not everybody wins. And even the winner has to make sure it endures. Not quite the model I wanted.


I want something better yet! I wanted income streams. I know people that have those and they rock. An income stream is something …..


To Be Continued…….;

What are free radicals? Why should we worry about them? How can we help our bodies get rid of them?

I will try to answer these questions for you as best I can. It is important to know about free radicals and how to prevent them for optimal health and longevity.

What are free radicals?  Lets start there, because one should have a basic understanding of  what a free radical is.  Ok so here it goes without getting all scientific on you. Our bodies are made up of cells and lots of them. Our many different cells are made up of many different molecules. Molecules are made up of  one or more atoms. Atoms are joined by chemical bonds, protons and electrons. Now positive protons are surrounded by negative electrons. The number of protons an atom has determines the number of electron require to stabilize the molecule.

Therefore an equal number of protons and electrons make for a stable  molecule. And that is awesome. However, sometimes the bonds can be weak between the inner protons and the outer electrons. And when this happens the molecule can lose one or more of it electrons and thus becomes a free radical. Free radical molecules are constantly trying to get themselves stabilized again. They do this by stealing the desired electrons from other molecules. Thus potentially creating more free radicals.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Why we should worry about free radicals. Well as a molecule becomes unstable it will try to correct this, as stated, by stealing from other molecules, thus creating chain reaction. If to many free radicals happen in a given cell the cell becomes faulty.  And damaged cells can lead to complete failure which leads to disease. The older the body the more susceptible it is to free radicals. However, not all free radicals are bad. Sometimes your immune system will create free radicals to go out and neutralize viruses and bacteria from our bodies. Some free radicals are created normally  as a result of metabolism. Where the problem lies, is when this process become out of balance. So one should try to give the body the best opportunity to keep these free radicals under control. Especially the older you get. So that is why you should be concerned about them. An unchecked  free radical running amuck in your body can cause some grief. So what can we do about it? Your in luck, as that just happens to be the topic of my next paragraph.

How can we help our bodies get rid of them? Vitamins C and E are believed to be the best sources of free radical reduction. Vitamin E, is the most abundant fat-soluble antioxidant in the body. One of the most efficient chain-breaking antioxidants available. Primary defender against oxidation. Primary defender against lipid peroxidation (creation of unstable molecules containing more oxygen than is usual).And vitamin C is the most abundant water-soluble antioxidant in the body. Acts primarily in cellular fluid. Of particular note in combating free radical formation caused by pollution and cigarette smoke. Also helps return vitamin E to its active form. That sounded kind of doctorish didn’t it?  I would like to take this moment to thank Dr. L. Martin, I borrowed these few statements and  facts from him as I wanted to relay them to you as correctly as possible. The power of antioxidants may help with disease prevention. Chances of developing heart disease by taking vitamin E may be lowered as vitamin E may protect against cardiovascular disease by defending against LDL oxidation and artery-clogging plaque formation. Some types of  cancers may be prevented.  Many studies have correlated high vitamin C intakes with low rates of cancer, particularly cancers of the mouth, larynx and esophagus. Thank you again my good doctor.

The trick it seems to ridding oneself of free radicals is to get ALL Natural sources of the vitamins as the body can absorb and use them better in that form. Unfortunately, today’s food production systems are not all that natural. If you have access to organically grown all natural fruits and veggies you are very lucky and need to capitalize on that. The rest of us, well we will have to find supplemental sources. The trick here is to make sure the product you are taking is of a high quality and is complete in nature. The body cannot absorb the nutrient by itself it must have a catalyst attacked to it so the body can not only recognize it but also use it. Higher end supplements generally have a complete formulation that the body can use.

So I guess the bottom line is, that mom wasn’t kidding or just being mean when she said “Eat your veggies” “You can’t have any dessert if you don’t eat you veggies!” Thanks mom!!