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Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What an awesome weekend. It was short and sweet. We did a whirlwind trip to the lower mainland. It was a fun trip.

We left here, Salmon Arm, Friday afternoon heading to Langley. We returned home today by four in the afternoon so our son could be at work. Why did we do such a rushed trip you ask? Fair enough question, we went for a sixty-fifth birthday celebration. That was the reason in a nut shell. My wife’s mother turns sixty five on the twenty ninth. It is kind of funny or weird I am not sure which but both my wife’s mother and my mother share the same birthday. They are the same day just ten years apart. What are the odds of that? So it was my wife’s mothers birthday we went to the coast for this weekend. It was a fun  time.

My wife and her sister planned an awesome surprise party for her in the afternoon. They booked a wine and cheese tasting at a local fruit winery right in Fort Langley.  I had forgotten how beautiful the Glen Valley area could be. Even in the rain. Yup, it rained pretty much the weekend we were there they don’t call it the wet coast for nothing. Typical weather for fall/winter on the west coast of Canada, for those of you who have never been there at that time of year. Beautiful in a soggy kind of way. The winery was a vary nice and cosy little place. They featured fruit wines and we had a chance to taste all of there offerings. The wines were very nice, if you like fruit wines, I am ok with them but I prefer the grape when it comes to wines. The cheese and cracker trays were very nice touch and were just enough to get you through the afternoon. Angie‘s, my wife, mom was actually very surprised even though the surprise party was kind of bass ackwards. You see my wife and her sister were going to take their mom for the wine sampling as mother daughter thingy and we were to all be their prior to their arrival. Well only two people got their on time. So Elaine got several small surprises as every one wondered in in small groups of one, two or three. But all was good anyway. The staff at The Fort Wine Company were very pleasant and helpful. They made the event there very nice and fluid, no pun intended, even when a group of about twenty young ladies came in as a start to their staggette our service never faltered, highly recommend dropping in there if you are in the valley and want a pleasant experience.

After the wine, cake and presents portion of the party was over we had a few hours to fill before going to a planned and known about family dinner at smokehouse restaurant called the Memphis Blues BBQ. That too was an awesome experience. We ordered a huge platter of smokehouse barbeque meats. It had chicken, pulled pork, beef ribs, short ribs and sausage all of it smoked, not a grill or oven in the place just a big smoker. Delicious! The platter it claimed to be enough to feed seven to eight people, and it definitely was. It came with some potato salad that had a southern smokehouse flavour to it, I liked it but others didn’t, also some coleslaw. I didn’t try the slaw, not a fan here. We ordered some prawns and some nachos for starters and they had the same southern smoke house flare, the prawns were awesome but the nachos well not so much, one mans opion.  The atmosphere was fun and the company was great. It was a fun way to share a meal.

After that we all parted ways. Ange and I spent the night at her sisters place. Got up this morning to soggy day, picked up our son at his cousins place and hit the road home so he could be to work at four. We did it, he was here in plenty of time to be at work. The sad part about leaving the coast today was that a cousin I haven’t seen in about twenty years popped up on a face book comment I had posted just prior to leaving to the coast and when I suggested we get together for a coffee/beer he invited us to a late thanksgiving dinner at his folks house the whole family would have been there. That was hard to pass up it would have been so great to see them all again, we used to hang out quite a bit when we were kids.

Another time I guess.

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