Way To Go Spain!!

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Austerity Measures are the banksters fancy new term for rob the people for the rest of their stuff.


It seems the Spaniards are revolting! And I mean that in the most endearing way. I don’t know about you but I have been keeping a pretty keen eye on what is happening over in the European Union. And it seems to me that the people over there are none to happy with their elected officials. More and more people are wanting those that are responsible for the current economic state of free world held accountable. And I for one like very much. I was brought up with the values that you take responsibility for your actions. It would seem to me that the worlds banksters and the world politician did not get the upbringing.  And here they are wielding power with reckless abandon, I mean why not they appears to be not repercussions.  Our governments are acting that they are above the very people who elect them in. They are not above us we elected them in so they work for us. They do not work for the banksters or the corporate boards who push their own agendas through with the grease of hefty buy outs to lobbyist and huge party donations.


People have seen what Iceland has done and are now realizing  the whole country did not  crumble and die off as the powers would have us believe. In fact Iceland is just two full fiscal years later is pretty much back to where they were prior to the collapse. With one major exception they are massively in indebt. If they can do it we can do it. The simple that one country has done it is proof positive that it can be done. Our countries used to back our own currency whit government bonds. We do not need to borrow our own money from a few corrupt elite bankster families.  With a stroke of a pen our governments can abolish this crazy evil pilfering of its people and resources and we would the better for it. I say right on Spaniards, right on Greeks, soon the dominos of the EU will start to fall. And the sooner the better for us all. Because they to will recover without the IMF and the elitists bull hooey. And the rest of world will follow suite.


This one word government stuff is flawed and it must be stopped. It will take the people to stand up to it. Iceland did, the Greeks are and now the Spaniards are. Keep standing up people we are all getting behind you. The people are starting to wake up to the corruption.  They are starting to form larger and larger groups around the free world(sorry for the oxymoron) and the deceitful house of cards are going start crashing down.


Honest politicians(can I say that?) ummm.. What I mean is more and more politicians are starting to run on accountability platforms. Those will be the ones to get elected. I think electoral law should be implemented that is you are elected based on an accountability platform and you do not perform you should be allowed to be pulled from office via petition and a new politician placed in their spot. Life without liability is what got us into this mess and full liability is what is going to get us out. People have to held accountable for what they do. I mess up I have to rectify it. Why should CEO and politicians be any different?


Here something way off topic but kind of blows me away anyway. Is why are these officers, who are paid by tax payers, so willing to bust peaceful protests that are only going to benefit them in the end. I mean do they really think that when the wages get cut and the taxes go up and the healthcare isn’t there and the education isn’t there that some magical pixie dust will make them and their families exempt? And if they do, its no wonder these corrupt CEO’s, banksters and politicians get away with everything if the pixie dust believing police are investigating everything.


In closing people we just need to rid our nations of the corruption in government, international gangsters oops sorry, banksters and put these huge corporations back in their place and all will be okay.


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