Why ViSalus? Results Maybe?

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I can not believe how well this is working! Well, actually I can, I have to because seeing is believing. And I seen it happening. I am talking about my transformation. I got started with ViSalus Sciences about fifteen months ago now. When I started I weighed in at 236lbs. I was out of shape really. I did not do anything for exercise outside my everyday living.  Oh, did I mention that I am a paraplegic? Sorry my bad! Hi, my name is Glen, and I am a paraplegic. No I was not born this way I earned it as a result of a work accident. Anyway, that is another story. So as a paraplegic, going for long vigorous walks or running is completely out of the question. I do not want to get off track here, so anyway my cousin called me up and told me about his success with a program called `The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge` and suggested I give it a try. I mean I could not knock the fact that my cousin had lost about 50lbs so far on the challenge and had been taken off on all his `fat guy meds` as he referred to them. I know he was on four different medications, some for cholesterol, and some for hypertension.  His doctor told him he was a heart attack just waiting to happen.  I know with myself that I was having more and more days where I just did not feel quite right. Probably should have gone in for a check up, but did not want the news, so I did not go in.  Anyway, it did not take me long to realize that I too could possibly benefit from this product line.

So I got on the products, I started with the `Transformation Kit` I took my start weight, my measurements and a starting photo too as they suggest.  With my first 90 day challenge I stuck to the program like my life depended on it. (It just might have, I never did go to the doctor about the days when I felt funny) And I figured if I stuck to the program then I would and should loose weight. So I did not do anything other than live my life and follow the diet, no extra wheeling around or any crazy stuff  like that. And when I had finished my first challenge I was down to 202 lbs!! I lost 34 lbs doing delicious shakes and sitting on my ass in a wheelchair, I was stoked!!  But (insert Macomb music here) then summer hit! I dropped off the transformation kit but stayed on the shape kit, the two shakes a day plan. It helped me stay on track with almost three months of BBQing, cold refreshmenting drinks and yahooing, I managed to only gain about 6 lbs. Not too bad I must say!


So this fall I decided to get back on track this time just doing the shape kit, 2 shakes a day,  and I seem to be doing  okay. I have been keeping pretty honest to the program with the exceptions of a few, yes a few `Thanksgiving Dinners` in there, I have managed to get myself down to a respectable 190 lbs as of this morning. (Insert big ear to ear grin here) I am about 60 days into my fall 90 Day Challenge  so I guess I am on track.  My goal is to reach a trim 175 lbs, based on my success so far it looks doable!

So many people say “I have tried diets! Diets don’t work!“ That is a true statement diets don’t work they are temporary and are technically flawed by design. Diets work by deprivation or restriction. Both systems are doomed to failure as the body when deprived or starved of nutrition  goes into preservation mode and starts to store everything you feed it good or bad. ViSalus has approached this weight loss industry from an abundance approach. Let me explain, their shakes are low in calories and high in nutrition. So the body responds by saying “I have an abundance of nutrition so lets burn some of these stored up calories”. The food we eat today, commercially grown produce on average is about 1/8th the nutritional value of produce grown naturally as it was done 30 years ago. In other words to get the same nutritional value from an orange today you would have to eat 8 oranges.  And then there is processed foods or convenience foods, these are unlabelled poison as far as good for you goes, and lets not even think about fast foods. So ViSalus Sciences in it Vi-shake has great nutritional value, and patented tri-sorb protein element with low calories. The products are diabetic friendly, good for those lactose and gluten intolerances and excellent for vegetarians as well.  The shake powder comes in a neutral sweet cream taste so you are only limited by your imagination to the flavours you enjoy.


The products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on your first order so basically there is no reason not to try them. There you go, if I can do this from a wheelchair with limited exercise options then just about everybody can do this! What is your excuse? To find out more about ViSalus’ 90 Day Challenge click here!



  1. wartica says:

    Looks like a pretty good product for people to try out; doesn’t hurt to try:)

    • Hello Wartica,

      You are right it doesn’t hurt to try. Where about are you? the reason I ask is ViSalus doesn’t ship everywhere yet. the product ViSalus offers are all really good. I would recommend them to anybody, but as of recent I have decided to switch a nutritional product called Shakeology by Beachbody. The reason I made the switch is two fold. Firstly, ViSalus’ shake mix is sweetened with and artificial sweetener. So their product can not be considered all natural. Shakeology is sweetened with Stevia a natural sweetener. So shakeology is all natural. This is important to me, it may be for others but it is for me. And the second reason I switched is that ViSalus claims to be the #1 health and FITNESS platform in the world today. Yet they do not offer a proprietary exercise program at all. Beachbody they have plenty of exercise programs you may have heard about. Programs P90X, or Turbo Jam. So I am happy with my ALL natural shakes and an exercise program to go with them.

      If you would like more information just drop me a note and I would be happy to get what you need.

      Hope all is well.


  2. Strongka1 says:

    I am
    Interested in this new all natural shake. I to am a paraplegic and I am
    Looking for am all natural shake.

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