GMO Continued….

The more I learn and understand about the corruption in the corporations and our so-called government agencies that are supposed to protect us the more appalled I become. The Government feels it must police me, a single individual, and yet a huge corporation can police itself! It can independently deem its products safe without outside testing and bring this untested crap to market and feed it to us and our children. Who do they think they are, were do they get off? What about the breach of trust of our elected officials to do our due diligence for us with the funds we provide them via our taxes.


We, as consumers of the goods have the power to make or break these companies and they know it, and know it well. That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to keep labelling out.  California must bring in the law that requires the mandatory disclosure of whether or not any GMO is in a given food item. I believe that if this was to become a law that the GMO industry would go broke in a very short time frame. I further believe that these chemical companies should be held libel for any damage to “natural” products that their altered seed may have contaminated. If those suits don’t clean them out then the medical claims against them for feeding these unsafe and untested products to the general public should bury the hatchet! I, for one, think that if you bring something to market you should do it under full liability. Do you think that these corporations would be so quick to put unsafe product out to the masses if they were held accountable. But then again how can we expect them to be accountable when the so called governing body, our government, is so blatantly unaccountable and corrupt.


People we need to fix this! And fast. We need to vote for people who stand for something. That are not just in government for the payoffs, corporate payoffs at that. There are getting to be more and more of this callubor of candidates coming to the surface. They are seeing the fight in the people to fix this and they are starting to step up.  Take Kurt Haskell, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in Michigan’s Seventh District for example, he is wanting to fight the good fight if given the chance. I say vote him in, what’s the worst he can do nothing? Isn’t that what the majority of those back stabbing b**tards are doing anyways? Find as many of these fighters as you can and put them in office and see what they do, can’t be any worse than what we already have, I tell you.

I got a link to this short video put out  by Gary Null Productions and boy does it open your eyes up to the corruption in the FDA. FDA should stand for Federal Diabolical Agency, that would be a closer description for what they do. Nice job guys, you rock! NOT!!!! I will include the linkto the video in here too. After you watch that short fifteen minute video you’ll have a whole new level of despise for these big chemical companies.  As I keep saying people, we the people are the power to fix this. We just need to stand up together and peacefully make a stand against these corporate beasts that think control us.  Look around search online find something in your neighbourhood that you can get behind and show up!!  We can do it!! together we stand-devided we fall!!


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