What Is Get Free With Glen?

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So what is Get Free With Glen? My new website! I must say I am pretty excited. I have been wanting to get a web presence for a while now, and well now I have gone and done it.  I have named my new site www.getfreewithglen.com for a reason. The reason you ask? It is because getfreewithme was already taken. Curses for waiting to get on the web.  But the one I have is great it leaves no question as to who you are getting free with, me!! 😀

Why get free? Good question, but I may ask you one in return. Why not get free? Isn’t freedom better than captivity? Isn’t it better to be free of ignorance by arming yourself with knowledge? Is it not better to free oneself from oppression by learning how to apply your rights as a human being to your oppressor? Isn’t it better to be free from the bondage of credit card or other forms of consumer debt? Isn’t it better to be free from your time restraints like your job so you can enjoy your life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. See freedom can stand for many things to many different people. All of these may be of issue to you at  different times in your life. I know they have for me at different times in my life. In fact, I am still learning and growing so that I may overcome some of these and others in my life. I am no different from millions, actually billions of other people all around the world. We are all striving to achieve the level of freedom that we believe will give us the lifestyle we desire.  Take a minute and reflect on the things that are affecting you from really enjoying the life you want to live.

Ahh Freedom

Imagine Yourself here!

What is freedom to me?  Freedom to me is the ability to get up when I am rested, go to bed when I am tired. Can you imagine not trying to get to sleep so you can get rudely woken up a  blaring alarm clock? I also don’t want to have to worry about my daily bills, you know, to have more money than month for a change. Wouldn’t that be awesome to pay all your bills, enjoy a dinner out with the spouse once a week maybe? Take the family out for a nice dinner in a restaurant once a month and not have to pick their meals for them and then cheap out on the tip. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the little things that mean so much without the financial worry of  running short? Actually have a positive balance at the end of the month! Not having to start buying gifts for your child’s birthday three months early so it not a burden financially when  the exciting day arrives. That’s the kind of things I am talking about.  Or, can you imagine going on a trip for a week or maybe longer, to some exotic place, and not having to worry about cutting back to make that happen especially if you want to take the kids with you. These are the kinds of things I wanted and more, like to be credit card free, when the bill comes in you pay it in full, no matter how big it is. Pay off all your vehicles loans.  Live in a paid for house. Travel several times a year without having to plan for it months or even years in advance and then scrimp on fares and excursion when you are there.  These are some of the things I am thinking about when I think of freedom.

Not all but, most of peoples problems revolve around the lack of funds. Lets face it many of today’s medical issues are a result of improper diet or nutrition. It cost money to eat properly. What should be standard care, like regular dentist visits, or optometrist visits, people want these but put them off. Why? Finances. Most couples that fight about ninety percent of their arguments can be tracked back to lack of funds.  I don`t care how the fight starts but if you work it backwards and dig deep enough the underlying concern is the stress of getting by, lack of funds. The economies of the world are not getting better, so we, me and you need to look at ways we can improve our options and increase our chances at a decent life. Not only for us but for our children.

So that is the purpose of http://www.getfreewithglen.com to find solutions to help people to be FREE from whatever is holding them back. This blog is about helping people. I will post blogs with links to articles and websites that I have found to be informative or helpful to my development and growth. I will be looking forward to your comments and feedback. Let me know what your areas of concerns are and lets see what we can find together to remedy your situation. In doing so we may help many others in the process.

I am really looking forward to seeing where this blog will go.

All the best to you.


  1. For me personally, the important moments don’t cost a thing. We all get too caught up in wanting to have it all, do it all, that sometimes i think we overlook what we have and are capable of doing with or without money. We have bills too, commitments, and sure, it would be nice to go about everyday doing only as we desired, but as my Dad always said “Santa Claus is dead”. Now I just try to enjoy where I am at, what is realistic and improving my physical and mental health. Having a full pocket book means nothing without that. Good for you for exploring this outlet and hope you enjoy it!! I have a blog in the progress, but boy it seem complicated, lol!

    • Hi Shannon,

      Sorry to take so long in responding to your comment, still learning this site. And this blog site is not my only gig. No money is not everything, but some said to me once that when its what is needed nothing else will do. So that is why I strive to build multiple income streams. It is not because I am greedy or want all the material things. I want my house paid for. I want my kids to have a good start in life be it an education or a down payment on a house. Yes my wife and I like to travel, and being a self employed individual I have to secure enough away for my so called golden years. It seems to me that golden years will be better if you have some gold. Your Dad is right there is no Santa Cluas, we must earn what we get in life and I am not scared of hard work. I have done it all my life. So in my blog “What is Get Free With Glen” I am laying the ground work for what it is I am dong to secure my financial freedom. I do want that some day, it is not a pipe-dream, it is real and I will achieve it.

      All the best to you in your journey through life. i hope you find all you desire.

      Oh yeah…how is your blog progressing?



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