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“To be able to shape your future, you have to be willing and able to change your paradigm.”

Joel Barker

The mind is a powerful organism. Few in life will ever take the time to get a basic understanding of the power the mind possesses in controlling your life. The mind never stops working. Even in sleep it keeps feeding us with our dreams. If your mind will continually strive to validate what it is you tell it one should be very careful  what you allow to occupy your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your actions. Your actions become your belief, as seeing is believing for most people. And belief builds your paradigms. Think about it for a minute, how did you get the paradigms you hold today? You grew up in a given environment were you were told certain things and you seen certain things happen and that formed your paradigms that you have currently. So then, paradigms are a  learned set of beliefs. So if we can learn those ones, we can learn other ones. Better or more appropriate ones, ones that will better serve us to get what we want out of life. You see, if you really think about it the paradigms that typically control your life today, are not your own. They belong to others, that you allowed to be adopted as your own.

A common paradigm I hear from people is “I can never have more, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I am destined to be working poor.” Were did a person get that one from? Well lets see the person grew up in a home where the parent(s) worked a menial job, had nothing, struggled to make ends meet. I am not disrespecting the folks here, they were just living what they believed and did the best they could based on their paradigms. However, they told their children, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and neither were you, so gets your schooling and gets your job”. So we over time, except their beliefs as our beliefs and the paradigm is set. And our minds go to work with that paradigm as it is the mindset we have. Our lives and our lifestyles reflect our beliefs.  You have the job you have, the car you drive, the house you live in, even your significant other is all based on the results of the paradigms you live by. So look around you, are you happy with what you see? If you are great, you are very lucky. I believe after awhile most people settle.  However, if you are not you need to change your paradigms.

Paradigms can be changed! They were taught to you in the first place, therefore you can teach yourself some new ones. It is not easy though. Paradigms are very deeply embedded belief programs in our subconscious brains. AUUGGHH. Its way in there!! How are we ever going to fix that!! We fix it the same way it was embedded in the first place. First, you create a set of beliefs that you would like to see embedded in your subconscious mind. Something like “I have my own successful business, I am a natural born entrepreneur, I enjoy the rewards of being a successful businessperson.”  You need to start telling yourself this everyday, just like the other stuff was drilled into you everyday. While you are telling yourself your new paradigm statement over and over again everyday start to evision yourself having that lifestyle, successful business or whatever else it is that you desired. Write it down even and read it aloud to yourself several times a day. Because hearing it and reading it is more powerful than just reading it alone. While you are conditioning your mind with the new belief system you want start to take steps in the direction. If it is a business you want, as in my example, start looking into different businesses and models that are available to you.  This is going to be taking action towards your new belief system and in so doing it will start to solidify the new paradigm and it will start to be formed in your subconscious mind.

It sounds easy here, but it takes real desire and commitment to change a paradigm. As the old beliefs will want to hang on. They will creep in and try to cause doubt. But if you are strong enough to prevail you will win and the new paradigm will be embedded and your new world will begin to open up to you.

The old saying “you must fight for what you believe in” is so true except in this case it is f”ight for what you WANT to believe in!” It is so worth doing! See you on the other side of your paradigm.

Surprise Party

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What an awesome weekend. It was short and sweet. We did a whirlwind trip to the lower mainland. It was a fun trip.

We left here, Salmon Arm, Friday afternoon heading to Langley. We returned home today by four in the afternoon so our son could be at work. Why did we do such a rushed trip you ask? Fair enough question, we went for a sixty-fifth birthday celebration. That was the reason in a nut shell. My wife’s mother turns sixty five on the twenty ninth. It is kind of funny or weird I am not sure which but both my wife’s mother and my mother share the same birthday. They are the same day just ten years apart. What are the odds of that? So it was my wife’s mothers birthday we went to the coast for this weekend. It was a fun  time.

My wife and her sister planned an awesome surprise party for her in the afternoon. They booked a wine and cheese tasting at a local fruit winery right in Fort Langley.  I had forgotten how beautiful the Glen Valley area could be. Even in the rain. Yup, it rained pretty much the weekend we were there they don’t call it the wet coast for nothing. Typical weather for fall/winter on the west coast of Canada, for those of you who have never been there at that time of year. Beautiful in a soggy kind of way. The winery was a vary nice and cosy little place. They featured fruit wines and we had a chance to taste all of there offerings. The wines were very nice, if you like fruit wines, I am ok with them but I prefer the grape when it comes to wines. The cheese and cracker trays were very nice touch and were just enough to get you through the afternoon. Angie‘s, my wife, mom was actually very surprised even though the surprise party was kind of bass ackwards. You see my wife and her sister were going to take their mom for the wine sampling as mother daughter thingy and we were to all be their prior to their arrival. Well only two people got their on time. So Elaine got several small surprises as every one wondered in in small groups of one, two or three. But all was good anyway. The staff at The Fort Wine Company were very pleasant and helpful. They made the event there very nice and fluid, no pun intended, even when a group of about twenty young ladies came in as a start to their staggette our service never faltered, highly recommend dropping in there if you are in the valley and want a pleasant experience.

After the wine, cake and presents portion of the party was over we had a few hours to fill before going to a planned and known about family dinner at smokehouse restaurant called the Memphis Blues BBQ. That too was an awesome experience. We ordered a huge platter of smokehouse barbeque meats. It had chicken, pulled pork, beef ribs, short ribs and sausage all of it smoked, not a grill or oven in the place just a big smoker. Delicious! The platter it claimed to be enough to feed seven to eight people, and it definitely was. It came with some potato salad that had a southern smokehouse flavour to it, I liked it but others didn’t, also some coleslaw. I didn’t try the slaw, not a fan here. We ordered some prawns and some nachos for starters and they had the same southern smoke house flare, the prawns were awesome but the nachos well not so much, one mans opion.  The atmosphere was fun and the company was great. It was a fun way to share a meal.

After that we all parted ways. Ange and I spent the night at her sisters place. Got up this morning to soggy day, picked up our son at his cousins place and hit the road home so he could be to work at four. We did it, he was here in plenty of time to be at work. The sad part about leaving the coast today was that a cousin I haven’t seen in about twenty years popped up on a face book comment I had posted just prior to leaving to the coast and when I suggested we get together for a coffee/beer he invited us to a late thanksgiving dinner at his folks house the whole family would have been there. That was hard to pass up it would have been so great to see them all again, we used to hang out quite a bit when we were kids.

Another time I guess.

Way To Go Spain!!

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Austerity Measures are the banksters fancy new term for rob the people for the rest of their stuff.


It seems the Spaniards are revolting! And I mean that in the most endearing way. I don’t know about you but I have been keeping a pretty keen eye on what is happening over in the European Union. And it seems to me that the people over there are none to happy with their elected officials. More and more people are wanting those that are responsible for the current economic state of free world held accountable. And I for one like very much. I was brought up with the values that you take responsibility for your actions. It would seem to me that the worlds banksters and the world politician did not get the upbringing.  And here they are wielding power with reckless abandon, I mean why not they appears to be not repercussions.  Our governments are acting that they are above the very people who elect them in. They are not above us we elected them in so they work for us. They do not work for the banksters or the corporate boards who push their own agendas through with the grease of hefty buy outs to lobbyist and huge party donations.


People have seen what Iceland has done and are now realizing  the whole country did not  crumble and die off as the powers would have us believe. In fact Iceland is just two full fiscal years later is pretty much back to where they were prior to the collapse. With one major exception they are massively in indebt. If they can do it we can do it. The simple that one country has done it is proof positive that it can be done. Our countries used to back our own currency whit government bonds. We do not need to borrow our own money from a few corrupt elite bankster families.  With a stroke of a pen our governments can abolish this crazy evil pilfering of its people and resources and we would the better for it. I say right on Spaniards, right on Greeks, soon the dominos of the EU will start to fall. And the sooner the better for us all. Because they to will recover without the IMF and the elitists bull hooey. And the rest of world will follow suite.


This one word government stuff is flawed and it must be stopped. It will take the people to stand up to it. Iceland did, the Greeks are and now the Spaniards are. Keep standing up people we are all getting behind you. The people are starting to wake up to the corruption.  They are starting to form larger and larger groups around the free world(sorry for the oxymoron) and the deceitful house of cards are going start crashing down.


Honest politicians(can I say that?) ummm.. What I mean is more and more politicians are starting to run on accountability platforms. Those will be the ones to get elected. I think electoral law should be implemented that is you are elected based on an accountability platform and you do not perform you should be allowed to be pulled from office via petition and a new politician placed in their spot. Life without liability is what got us into this mess and full liability is what is going to get us out. People have to held accountable for what they do. I mess up I have to rectify it. Why should CEO and politicians be any different?


Here something way off topic but kind of blows me away anyway. Is why are these officers, who are paid by tax payers, so willing to bust peaceful protests that are only going to benefit them in the end. I mean do they really think that when the wages get cut and the taxes go up and the healthcare isn’t there and the education isn’t there that some magical pixie dust will make them and their families exempt? And if they do, its no wonder these corrupt CEO’s, banksters and politicians get away with everything if the pixie dust believing police are investigating everything.


In closing people we just need to rid our nations of the corruption in government, international gangsters oops sorry, banksters and put these huge corporations back in their place and all will be okay.



I can not believe how well this is working! Well, actually I can, I have to because seeing is believing. And I seen it happening. I am talking about my transformation. I got started with ViSalus Sciences about fifteen months ago now. When I started I weighed in at 236lbs. I was out of shape really. I did not do anything for exercise outside my everyday living.  Oh, did I mention that I am a paraplegic? Sorry my bad! Hi, my name is Glen, and I am a paraplegic. No I was not born this way I earned it as a result of a work accident. Anyway, that is another story. So as a paraplegic, going for long vigorous walks or running is completely out of the question. I do not want to get off track here, so anyway my cousin called me up and told me about his success with a program called `The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge` and suggested I give it a try. I mean I could not knock the fact that my cousin had lost about 50lbs so far on the challenge and had been taken off on all his `fat guy meds` as he referred to them. I know he was on four different medications, some for cholesterol, and some for hypertension.  His doctor told him he was a heart attack just waiting to happen.  I know with myself that I was having more and more days where I just did not feel quite right. Probably should have gone in for a check up, but did not want the news, so I did not go in.  Anyway, it did not take me long to realize that I too could possibly benefit from this product line.

So I got on the products, I started with the `Transformation Kit` I took my start weight, my measurements and a starting photo too as they suggest.  With my first 90 day challenge I stuck to the program like my life depended on it. (It just might have, I never did go to the doctor about the days when I felt funny) And I figured if I stuck to the program then I would and should loose weight. So I did not do anything other than live my life and follow the diet, no extra wheeling around or any crazy stuff  like that. And when I had finished my first challenge I was down to 202 lbs!! I lost 34 lbs doing delicious shakes and sitting on my ass in a wheelchair, I was stoked!!  But (insert Macomb music here) then summer hit! I dropped off the transformation kit but stayed on the shape kit, the two shakes a day plan. It helped me stay on track with almost three months of BBQing, cold refreshmenting drinks and yahooing, I managed to only gain about 6 lbs. Not too bad I must say!


So this fall I decided to get back on track this time just doing the shape kit, 2 shakes a day,  and I seem to be doing  okay. I have been keeping pretty honest to the program with the exceptions of a few, yes a few `Thanksgiving Dinners` in there, I have managed to get myself down to a respectable 190 lbs as of this morning. (Insert big ear to ear grin here) I am about 60 days into my fall 90 Day Challenge  so I guess I am on track.  My goal is to reach a trim 175 lbs, based on my success so far it looks doable!

So many people say “I have tried diets! Diets don’t work!“ That is a true statement diets don’t work they are temporary and are technically flawed by design. Diets work by deprivation or restriction. Both systems are doomed to failure as the body when deprived or starved of nutrition  goes into preservation mode and starts to store everything you feed it good or bad. ViSalus has approached this weight loss industry from an abundance approach. Let me explain, their shakes are low in calories and high in nutrition. So the body responds by saying “I have an abundance of nutrition so lets burn some of these stored up calories”. The food we eat today, commercially grown produce on average is about 1/8th the nutritional value of produce grown naturally as it was done 30 years ago. In other words to get the same nutritional value from an orange today you would have to eat 8 oranges.  And then there is processed foods or convenience foods, these are unlabelled poison as far as good for you goes, and lets not even think about fast foods. So ViSalus Sciences in it Vi-shake has great nutritional value, and patented tri-sorb protein element with low calories. The products are diabetic friendly, good for those lactose and gluten intolerances and excellent for vegetarians as well.  The shake powder comes in a neutral sweet cream taste so you are only limited by your imagination to the flavours you enjoy.


The products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on your first order so basically there is no reason not to try them. There you go, if I can do this from a wheelchair with limited exercise options then just about everybody can do this! What is your excuse? To find out more about ViSalus’ 90 Day Challenge click here!



GMO Continued….

The more I learn and understand about the corruption in the corporations and our so-called government agencies that are supposed to protect us the more appalled I become. The Government feels it must police me, a single individual, and yet a huge corporation can police itself! It can independently deem its products safe without outside testing and bring this untested crap to market and feed it to us and our children. Who do they think they are, were do they get off? What about the breach of trust of our elected officials to do our due diligence for us with the funds we provide them via our taxes.


We, as consumers of the goods have the power to make or break these companies and they know it, and know it well. That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to keep labelling out.  California must bring in the law that requires the mandatory disclosure of whether or not any GMO is in a given food item. I believe that if this was to become a law that the GMO industry would go broke in a very short time frame. I further believe that these chemical companies should be held libel for any damage to “natural” products that their altered seed may have contaminated. If those suits don’t clean them out then the medical claims against them for feeding these unsafe and untested products to the general public should bury the hatchet! I, for one, think that if you bring something to market you should do it under full liability. Do you think that these corporations would be so quick to put unsafe product out to the masses if they were held accountable. But then again how can we expect them to be accountable when the so called governing body, our government, is so blatantly unaccountable and corrupt.


People we need to fix this! And fast. We need to vote for people who stand for something. That are not just in government for the payoffs, corporate payoffs at that. There are getting to be more and more of this callubor of candidates coming to the surface. They are seeing the fight in the people to fix this and they are starting to step up.  Take Kurt Haskell, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in Michigan’s Seventh District for example, he is wanting to fight the good fight if given the chance. I say vote him in, what’s the worst he can do nothing? Isn’t that what the majority of those back stabbing b**tards are doing anyways? Find as many of these fighters as you can and put them in office and see what they do, can’t be any worse than what we already have, I tell you.

I got a link to this short video put out  by Gary Null Productions and boy does it open your eyes up to the corruption in the FDA. FDA should stand for Federal Diabolical Agency, that would be a closer description for what they do. Nice job guys, you rock! NOT!!!! I will include the linkto the video in here too. After you watch that short fifteen minute video you’ll have a whole new level of despise for these big chemical companies.  As I keep saying people, we the people are the power to fix this. We just need to stand up together and peacefully make a stand against these corporate beasts that think control us.  Look around search online find something in your neighbourhood that you can get behind and show up!!  We can do it!! together we stand-devided we fall!!


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So What’s The Deal With GMO’s Anyway?


So what is the deal with GMO’d products anyway? Why do they even exist? What is the purpose? What are the benefits? What is the down side? So these are some pretty sound questions don’t you think?  I think so.


So what is the deal with GMO’d products anyway? Well from what I can understand the grow quicker, to a more uniform size and shape.  They have also apparently been infused with pesticides so the farmer doesn’t have to spray as much. Lets have a quick look at these few statements. They grow quicker, so if a typical pepper requires 4 weeks to fully mature and a GMO’d pepper matures in say 3 weeks and 4 days is the net gain of 3 days really worth the it? I read a story in a nutritional magazine  it said to get the equivalent nutrition out of today’s  produce one would have 8 to 10 times the amount of the given produce. So if we take an orange for example you would have to eat 8 oranges to get the same nutritional value of just one orange of 30 years ago. What has changed? The Sun? The water? The answer is in the modifications to the soil, the tree and the fruit itself. They spray pesticides and chemical nutrients into the soil which are unnatural to the fruit in the first place then they take and modify the fruit to have some of it own pesticides built into it. That is scary stuff. At least with the topical pesticides you can rinse them off, how do you wash off the ones that are engineered right into the fruit? You cant! You have to consume them with the fruit. The human body is not designed to digest or process chemicals so they just build up in the body and cause all kinds of nifty diseases.

They are injecting growth hormones into our meat products so they can get the animal to slaughter faster. As we eat our meat products we are consuming growth hormones. As we eat our potatoes we are consuming chemicals. Every time we consume these product we are potentially running the risk of making our selves very ill. As these by products of the huge agri-business empires hurry to increase profits at the cost of the consumer. But I guess the cold hearted straight business truth is the population is growing not shrinking. We are going to pay in the end even more you see because as people get sick from consuming these products they are needing medical services and that in a lot of countries is covered by insurance schemes so the rates for coverage keep going up. And if you are lucky enough to live in a country with socialized medical the burden on the tax base is greater an greater every year. Seem to me the only winner in this model is the big agri-business gurus like Monsanto, BASF, Bayer and Dow just to name a few. Our governments are bought off by these giants so they can not or will not do our bidding. It is up to us the real people, the real consumers, the real power of this world to stand up and tell the governments what we want.


So the deal with GMO’s is that they are bad for the people and bad for the planet. They exist solely for the purpose of  and the benefit of the huge chemical and agri-business corporations. The purpose I can see is to allow for a quicker fast product to market, quality and safety is not a concern. Because there are always more consumers, and if you should get sick from consuming these products big pharma will benefit in the end.  I so far have not seen any net benefit for the end user or consumer of these products so to me other than selfish greed at the expense of human life and health there is no benefit. The downside is blatantly obvious, less nutritional value, higher chemical and pesticide consumption more and more soil deprivation and contamination and sterilization.


What got me going on this you might be wondering? I was reading a story today about how young boys are now becoming pubescent as early as 9 years old now.  They are linking this to ingestion of growth hormones in the foods we eat. I for one have had enough of GMO’d crap in my diet. I eat as much as I can locally organic grown produce and meats. If I cant get enough NON GMO’d nutrition I take a suppliment daily.  You should to. But don’t expect your government to tell you that.


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What Is Get Free With Glen?

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What Is Get Free With Glen?.


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Imagine yourself here.

So what is Get Free With Glen? My new website! I must say I am pretty excited. I have been wanting to get a web presence for a while now, and well now I have gone and done it.  I have named my new site for a reason. The reason you ask? It is because getfreewithme was already taken. Curses for waiting to get on the web.  But the one I have is great it leaves no question as to who you are getting free with, me!! 😀

Why get free? Good question, but I may ask you one in return. Why not get free? Isn’t freedom better than captivity? Isn’t it better to be free of ignorance by arming yourself with knowledge? Is it not better to free oneself from oppression by learning how to apply your rights as a human being to your oppressor? Isn’t it better to be free from the bondage of credit card or other forms of consumer debt? Isn’t it better to be free from your time restraints like your job so you can enjoy your life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. See freedom can stand for many things to many different people. All of these may be of issue to you at  different times in your life. I know they have for me at different times in my life. In fact, I am still learning and growing so that I may overcome some of these and others in my life. I am no different from millions, actually billions of other people all around the world. We are all striving to achieve the level of freedom that we believe will give us the lifestyle we desire.  Take a minute and reflect on the things that are affecting you from really enjoying the life you want to live.

Ahh Freedom

Imagine Yourself here!

What is freedom to me?  Freedom to me is the ability to get up when I am rested, go to bed when I am tired. Can you imagine not trying to get to sleep so you can get rudely woken up a  blaring alarm clock? I also don’t want to have to worry about my daily bills, you know, to have more money than month for a change. Wouldn’t that be awesome to pay all your bills, enjoy a dinner out with the spouse once a week maybe? Take the family out for a nice dinner in a restaurant once a month and not have to pick their meals for them and then cheap out on the tip. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the little things that mean so much without the financial worry of  running short? Actually have a positive balance at the end of the month! Not having to start buying gifts for your child’s birthday three months early so it not a burden financially when  the exciting day arrives. That’s the kind of things I am talking about.  Or, can you imagine going on a trip for a week or maybe longer, to some exotic place, and not having to worry about cutting back to make that happen especially if you want to take the kids with you. These are the kinds of things I wanted and more, like to be credit card free, when the bill comes in you pay it in full, no matter how big it is. Pay off all your vehicles loans.  Live in a paid for house. Travel several times a year without having to plan for it months or even years in advance and then scrimp on fares and excursion when you are there.  These are some of the things I am thinking about when I think of freedom.

Not all but, most of peoples problems revolve around the lack of funds. Lets face it many of today’s medical issues are a result of improper diet or nutrition. It cost money to eat properly. What should be standard care, like regular dentist visits, or optometrist visits, people want these but put them off. Why? Finances. Most couples that fight about ninety percent of their arguments can be tracked back to lack of funds.  I don`t care how the fight starts but if you work it backwards and dig deep enough the underlying concern is the stress of getting by, lack of funds. The economies of the world are not getting better, so we, me and you need to look at ways we can improve our options and increase our chances at a decent life. Not only for us but for our children.

So that is the purpose of to find solutions to help people to be FREE from whatever is holding them back. This blog is about helping people. I will post blogs with links to articles and websites that I have found to be informative or helpful to my development and growth. I will be looking forward to your comments and feedback. Let me know what your areas of concerns are and lets see what we can find together to remedy your situation. In doing so we may help many others in the process.

I am really looking forward to seeing where this blog will go.

All the best to you.